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Jayson Krause
Website Help

OK I'm kinda an amature at building site but I know alot of HTML code and a little bit on how it works !

I have a few question I would like to ask to better my website , I have an uncomplete website which I started and need a few things changed right away !


1st the top bar is a HTML based menu bar that I would like to know if there is a program or a better way to create a new menu bar with the same concept !

website is

I'm trying to Create a new Website for this and would greatly appreciate it if someone could help.


NOTE: also I have no HTML editor to create any of my sites at all I use notepad to do HTML code . I also use Google Docs to convert test to code sometimes to make it faster !

I would like to know if there is anyway that is faster and Free to do the same a lot quicker and effectively ! I spend way too much time getting websites done I know there are WYSIWYG programs but I have never used any but really would like to now !

Also is there a program I can use for Graphics ? I currently Only use windows Paint program to edit Graphics ( I would like to create a few animations too !)


Also is PHP worth it and why?





Re: Website Help

sounds like you are determined to build the site on your own, without a host site such as homestead, or the like. i have never built from scratch, Jayson Krause, but have used homestead for many years. maybe this site may be of some use?

i also came across this GuG thread.

good luck and i would love to see the finished product!



Re: Website Help


Almost Evil
Re: Website Help

1. Use Dreamweaver. Notepad is begging for mistakes. If you want to be taken seriously, dont use a built in system. The one exception *might* be Joomla.

2. Switch to Photoshop. It is so vastly superior to paint, i dont even know where to begin. You will love it, once you learn it (and that will take awhile)

3. PHP is very much worth it if you plan to use certain container that you want to call to each page. For example, if you want a menu bar to appear at the top of each page, you can create a php code to call to the menu that you have in PHP- that way instead of making changes to hundreds of pages when you need to change the menu, you do it once, and since you have the code to call the menu bar- it will self populate throughout your site. There are lots of other ways and reasons why PHP is pretty much essential these days, but thats just the beginning.

4. Familiarize yourself with CSS. It is quickly taking over web design in place of tables. Tabless design is the new wave! (or so i hear!)


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