Welcome to GUG - Finding your way around

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Welcome to GUG - Finding your way around

Welcome To GUG!

So what are you looking for? GUG has many different FORUMS <--click on that and you will see. This is a example of what you will see:

 Now take a look around see each topic here is a FORUM and each FORUM has threads (Kinda like chapters in a book). The numbers in the first column is the amount of threads in that forum and the second column shows you how may posts in that forum. You will also see to the right on most pages the "new Forum topics" that were just created and also on most pages under that the most "Recent comments" on the site.

Ok so now you have picked a FORUM that interest you but where do you go from there. Yes that OMG there is so much. Well the threads at the top are the most active ones so I would start there. The ones with the red on the envelopes are "stickies" and they will remain at the top.

 OK now you made a post yesterday but you can't find it. Now what. Well click on your name and it will take you to your account page. Once you are there you will see Tabs at the top like this:


Click on the "TRACK" tab and it will show you the threads that you posted in. Click on one of the topics and it will take you back to your thread.

If I need to contact another gug member how do I do that? Well we have a cool Private Message system. You can read more about it and how it works here: Private Message System on GUG

Please note that the private message system is only available to premium members (its a perk)

So a little common Questions and Answers and the threads that answer them:

So what really is the difference between the basic and premium membership? Basic Membership VS Premium Membership

I can't post a question - why? Why Can't I Post New Forum Topics / Threads ?

I subscribed but where is the good stuff? How To Tell If You Have Private / Premium Forum Access

How do I contact another member here? You have to do it thought the site. For your protection we do not allow email addys to be posted (that could open you up for spam - we hate spam). To PM other members here: Private Message System on GUG Premium members only

How do I post a picture / video or hyperlink here? How to add Pictures, Videos & Hyperlinks here on GuG Premium members only

OK I see some with bling (badges) how can I get some to? Badges, Jewelery, Bling

What are the "GUG Points"? Well they are a way for you to see who is most active on the site users by GuG-points

Haven't quite found the answer to your question? Well check out our F. A. Q.

OK I'm still having problems now what? Well find a active member online and PM them or look here: GrownUpGeek Issues

So now that you know what you are doing here at GUG - go forth and POST! Remember GUG is a friendly community and always willing to help out a member. No question is to dumb - hey we all had to start somewhere right?

Not sure where to start? Well how about introducing your self (No you don't have to post pictures): Introductions and Posting-Practice Area



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