Computer help: What are bits and bytes?

What is the difference between a bit and a byte?

A computer bit (short for Binary Digit) is the smallest piece of information that a computer can store. A bit can be only one of two values - either 0 or 1. Bits can also be described as being in one of two states: either OFF [0] or ON [1].

A computer byte is a piece of data that contains 8 bits (or 4 bits on older or very simple computers). A byte is just big enough to represent a single letter, number, or character (such as $ or &).

What does megabyte or kiliobit mean

A megabyte is one million bytes, whereas a megabit is one million bits. The same goes for kilobits/kilobytes, gigabytes/gigabits, terabytes/terabits, and petabytes/petabits.

What does kb and KB mean?

kb (lowercase) is the abbreviation for kilobits while KB(uppercase) is the abbreviation for Kilobytes.

More Information

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