What is an AVCD?

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What is an AVCD?

Does anyone know what an AVCD is? I googled it and it appears to me that it's a VCD that has audio on it, but I'm still confused about it.


Does anyone know if it is possible to play an AVCD on a stereo?


Any info about it would be great! Thanks!



Jayson Krause
Re: What is an AVCD?

Well From what I'm guessing my answer is pretty much the same  as Debbies ! I would guess what she says is about right I do know when i played a VCD in my Car Sony CD Changed the audio would usually play on some certain VCDs it would give a weird digital screech sound and a skipping ! I actually accidently did that one day cause I stored my CD in the 10 disc sleeves for my Sony Cd changer and accidently grabbed the wrong one which had VCD and PS1 discs in it the sounds seemed to play in most disc even though I didn't think they would .

Re: What is an AVCD?


VCD recorders fell out of favor in the US because of the lower video quality when compared to DVD, HI-Def DVD, and now BLue Ray but they still are popular in Asia and Europe.

I have a VCD recorder I use to record American Idol on CD then I'll rip MP3 files of that or switch performances I like over to my digital recorder and/or DVD-Ram recorder

The VCD recorder I have plays audio tracks as well as Video and the format determines which one takes default  prioriity

Another benifit is that VCD audio can be compressed to play twice as much music on the same space as 1 cd.(160 minutes of music instead of 80)

Like all technology concerning CD/DVD drives, in order for for a Stereo to play a AVCD it needs a cd-player that is AVCD compatible

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