What company is more evil ?




Apple = Irritating for the tight control they keep over their devices, their higher prices, and the way they treat iOS developers

Facebook = Infuriating for violating our privacy over and over, and changing around everything on Facebook just when we figure out how it works

Google = EVIL because of the copious amounts of data they have on virtually every man, woman and child on the planet, for "accidentally" misusing their near-monopoly like power of their search engine for self-enrichment, for deleting our Youtube videos, Blogger pages or advertiser accounts on a whim with no warning and no recourse for the victim, for using their position to activate their wonderful new services that nobody wants on everyone's gMail accounts without asking or testing it first, and for, like Satan himself, trying to fool us with their corporate motto "Don't Be Evil"

I think you pretty much nailed it, Hubby. 

I'd add F~erberg is on an evil mission to take over the interwebs.

You got a point for that one!

 Apple.  $400 for a phone that only works when my friend sticks her head IN her purse?

..maybe we need to add AT&T to the list

 When it comes to iPhone, they're one in the same, unless you jailbreak it, so, yeah.  Seriously, I have a cheap Samsung Crackberry knock-off with the pre-paid service from Wal*Mart, and I have WAY better coverage than her.

I dunno.. A company selling a product that does not perform well where you (or your friend) lives just doesn't seem "evil" to me. Nobody is forcing anyone to buy an Apple product, and by law, everyone has a minimum of 14 days to return any mobilephone/smartphone for any reason and get a refund. Same with Facebook - nobody is FORCING anyone to use Facebook - if someone thinks Facebook is so darn horrible, stop using Facebook!..

But Google... Fact is, if you want "the best" search, you have to use Google and Google will remember EVERY search you ever make. if you go to virtually any website (something like over 75% of all websites on the planet including this one!), it will have either Google ads or Google Analytics that track your every move. So, although nobody 'forces' you to use the internet (except maybe at your job?!), IF you use the internet, you are virtually 'forced' to use Google even if you don't realize it.. and when you consider what Google does/has done with this information/power, well.... one word... Dont get me wrong.. I love Google... it's just evil..

Google isn't condescending to those that don't like them... Apple is, and makes their customers that way too... Facebook I don't think cares whether you use it or not...

I don't think Google is evil because you more or less have to use them, and then they're smart enough to keep info on numerous databases... We have to do a lot of things, but trees aren't evil because they make the air we have to breathe... Cows aren't evil for being delicious... Google isn't evil for being smart and taking over the virtual world... I'd rather Google than a lot of other companies... at least they seem to want to please us... and do a good job... not to mention, they're sane.

Apple on the other hand is judgmental and think way too highly of themselves for what they are... and seem to have no issue blaming their customers for their own faults... and that's ignoring the known craziness about what goes on behind their closed, locked, superlocked, cemented, razor-wired, and guarded doors.


animestrinity wrote:

Apple on the other hand is judgmental and think way too highly of themselves for what they are

An OEM  COmputer company Insistant on making their own hardware and software ....the only one to survive tha "PC WARS" but was obscure till Ipod and I-Life save them?

Until recently MACs weren't any better then the  "Pressboard" computers out of CHina and Japan (what I call "disposable computers" like the Timex Sinclair)  and now they are modualr PCs using the same componants and chipsets as every other PC of their grade/class with the only true differece being the Operating system

I personally never cared forthe GUI OS's be it MAC, WINDOWS, or UNIX in my "assembler days" but now everything is GUI I am indifferent until the OS won't run something I want to run (like a Game)...for instance as soon as I learned I need to pay $p50 for a XP upgrade to get my WIndows 2000 up to XP reinstall Windows 7 Upgrade  after my computer drive crashed I downloaded and installed  Ubantu. My Dos games will run with a linux version of DOsbox but my Neverwinter Nights won't migrate as smoothly(oh bother)


LadyCerridwen48 wrote:

 When it comes to iPhone, they're one in the same, unless you jailbreak it, so, yeah.  Seriously, I have a cheap Samsung Crackberry knock-off with the pre-paid service from Wal*Mart, and I have WAY better coverage than her.


Awesome.. not everone needs all that computer power in their pocket.

I-Life may have taken Apple out of being little more then a paperweight for the averaqge computer User but My Tandy 2100 from 1989 OEM just lost it's CMOS this year but still could beat most average apples as a gaming/Media Machine (shiort of internet access)...DOS Boott Rooms of Doom mind you

My Dell I am typing this on has been around since 1991,is modular,and has seeen video upgrades,sound board upgrades,memory upgrades and has gone from DOS to Windows, to Windows 2000 to WIndows XP to Windows 7 back down to Windows 2000 and now Ubantu (after getting Pissed off with  Windows Technical Support conserning WIndows 2000 to Windows 7 problem)...with no more then $600 invested in it...total

Why would I need a new $2500 computer every 6 months?

Oh and IU want to actually see what I am reading all at once without Eyestrain so screw the "I-Pad" and "I-pod" (I can barely read this on a 17 inch monitor without Enlarging it)

In my personal opinion, Google's latest activities has provoked me to call it an evil.

Well so far the results of this purely scientific poll proves the fact the Google is indeed more evil than Apple or Facebook!

Someone educate me ;) I just cant want to see Google as evil ;) um, "MS"..., shhhh, they could be watching.... lol, Definitely yeah, but am I really just trading one evil for another? I doth think so ;) oh use dragon ;)irony..... Have a super day ;) peace out

It is tie between Google and Facebook.



But :



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