What has GUG done for you?

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What has GUG done for you?

I've met new wannabe geeks and well it has entertained me!!!!



Re: What has GUG done for you?

Well, nothing yet because I am new, and didn't come here looking for anything in perticular! BUT.. I know I will get something out of it if not new friends.

Re: What has GUG done for you?

[quote=barbarella]I've met new wannabe geeks and well it has entertained me!!!![/quote]

LOL..why do I know I have been a source of entertainment??? **grin** Hey I came in and freely admitted I'm a Goober when it comes to this...HOWEVER I did promise to entertain and to make myself as useful as possible...:) Great on research and my fakespace has had quite a bit of success:)

Anyway in answer to the original question I'm going to repost my blog in here that I wrote before this was posted I think.... AND hopefully use my new gizmo that Tuna sent me to...(are ya listening lord? let it work or barbarella is going to fall off her chair giggling at me...*lol* )

Anyway here it is:

To all my new friends, and the friends as of yet known:) Just a quick little note to say Happy 4th and thanks to all for everything. Most especially thanks to all for your kindnesses to a stranger who came into your world with an agenda and absolutely no knowledge.

Most of you will never know the effect that your kindness has had on me...On how your simple notes of get well, feel better or your offers to help when you figured out I REALLY didn't know what the heck I was doing has meant to me. I am truly grateful and want you all to know that. If I KNEW how to input a photograph here..(hint hint to any mod that reads this) I'd add something, anything that said GROWNUPGEEKS are the BEST! Oh and it would have to be sparkley...lol

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Re: What has GUG done for you?

I wouldn't laugh at you my dear friend. I haven't seen anything to laugh about  I'm learning stuff too so who am I to judge!! Plus you've been nothing but kind to me.


And if I did see something funny I'd laugh with you!

Re: What has GUG done for you?

oooooo I meant that in only the nicest way possible...:)  besides *lol* we all know I am a world class doof re: this...so if you and yes I have heard Tuna and Mom chuckle at me on more than one occassion...we were all laughing together:)




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Re: What has GUG done for you?

the gug has done soooo many things for me...

opened my eyes to soooo many things i was naive to a year ago...

but as most of you know, i'm still naive, and have a lot more to learn...

one thing is for sure...this site is the best one on the internet...not just for all the great information, but all of the wonderful friends i've made...you guys are the best!!! 

Re: What has GUG done for you?

 Gug has helped me learn so much about computers. I knew there were secrets out there, I just needed to know what they were. This site has taken me and my computer to the next level. 


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Re: What has GUG done for you?

I met a lot of awesome people, and get to talk! I've also learned how to look at stuff on people's myspaces, which helped in getting the information I needed.

Re: What has GUG done for you?

GuG has opened a whole new realm for me to be more in tuned to my geekiness. I come here and vent it all with you guys. You all have become my little internet family. I think I feel a tender moment coming on...::tear::  ::drop::  ::splash::



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You're upsetting me....on several levels.

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