What is a Facebook Tracker


What is a Facebook Profile Tracker?

A Facebook tracker is a Facebook App, program, or code that when applied to your Facebook wall, profile or Timeline allows you to see who has been visiting or looking at your Facebook page. 

Why would anyone want to track who visits their Facebook page?

Most people probably do not care about who is visiting their Facebook page, wall or Timeline.  Many people however seem to have a deep desire to know who's "stalking" their Facebook page.  This could be because an ex-lover might be checking on them, they want to know if their 'crush' is paying attention to them, or, they just have a narcissistic need to ensure themselves that other people are giving them attention (via Facebook).  Whatever the reasons, millions of people have been clammoring for a way to see who visits thier page on Facebook since the day Facebook was launched.

Do Trackers for Facebook exisit?

Facebook has publicly stated that they do not allow the ability for profile pages to be tracked in any way.  So, NO, trackers for Facebook do not exist.

If Facebook trackers do not exist why do I see ads for them see them on my Friend's walls?

Anytime there is a need for something the scammers and scumbags will swoop in to take advantage of it.  On our page "Facebook trackers real or scam" we have tested dozens of apps that claim to be able to track who is looking at your Facebook page.  To date, 100% of the apps that we have tested do not do what they claim and are in fact scams.  Most of these "trackers" display realistic looking stats pages that appear to display who has looked at your page - however in order to view these pages they usually force you to fill out surveys or take other (unrelated) steps.  These surveys or other steps make money for the scammers.  In any case, they do not let you see who looks at your Facebook profile page.  In order to get the word out and get free advertising, these fake tracker apps will often post a message on your wall and spam all of your friends, pretenting to be you about "this awesome app that lets me see who looks at my Facebook page!!" in hopes of tricking your friends into getting scammed, filling out more sureveys, and making more money for the scammers.






Uhhhh apparently something works because I merely went onto someone's profile and they post on my wall saying "they caught me creeping."

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