What is a thumbnail cheat ?

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What is a thumbnail cheat ?

You know you want to know, so go ahead and watch:



Re: What is a thumbnail cheat ?


 OK so here is a video that explains what a thumbnail cheat really is....


 Yes its a boring video but hey its informative.


That guy's charming.  Lol.  But, I watched the whole thing and learned something new!  But I would also like to see a little eye candy for the ladies?? Laughing


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Re: What is a thumbnail cheat ?

sex sells, eh? find any with june or ward cleever people, by chance?

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Re: What is a thumbnail cheat ?

Haha, Nice. You got me, lol.

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Re: What is a thumbnail cheat ?

That's like everyone tagging their videos with enticing stuff. It's not always sex though. If you do a YouTube search for a pro skateboarder you get all these kids with videos of themselves sucking but they tag it with Tony Hawk's name just so it pops up and someone actually might watch it. 

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