What is Facebook?

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What is Facebook?

Can anyone explain to me what a facebook is & how it works??? what do i have to do?



Re: What is Facebook?

Its a social networking site a bit like myspace only with different features etc. Your best bet is to go on to the facebook site and either join and look round or just google and you'll find a ton of info on it there :)

All you have to do to join is give a valid e-mail addy and fill out a bit of information, the rest is optional. You can ad pictures, profile information and things if you want and ad applications if you want to which ad things to your profile, you can also search for your friends and ad them so you can keep in touch. Thats about it!

Re: What is Facebook?

Facebook is a little plagiate of myspace for exstremely paranoid people!!!!!!

it is not a social network at all!!!

Re: What is Facebook?

I really dont get Facebook either. I have looked at it several times and all I see when I look at someones profile is their picture and a couple of links. The only one that seems to do something is the one that shows friends. do you have to be a friend in order to see more, or is that all there really is to Facebook? Does it have comments and albums and all that stuff like MySpace?

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