What is the Facebook OTHER Messages Folder ?

Facebook Other MessagesDid you even know that you had a Facebook message folder named "other"?  I didn't notice mine until recently, and even after I found it I didn't understand why the "Other" message folder was there or what it was for!  It took some Googling and looking at what was inside my Other Messages folder to finally figure it out.

Your Facebook Other Messages folder is your equivalent of the "spam" folder in email.  Except what Facebook considers spam may not be what you and I consider spammy.  If anyone that is not on your Facebook friends-list sends you a message, it will go into your Facebook "Other Messages" folder.  Facebook may also put messages from people that are your friends into this folder if it considers that message to be spammy, but so far I have never seen that happen.

To check your Other Messages, just click on your messages link on the left side of your Facebook Home Page.  Your Message folder will appear under Messages.  If you have any unread messages a number-icon will appear.

Did you find any messages that you didn't know about or miss anything important because Facebook hid it way in your Other Messages?




thank you I had a lot of messages there that I did not even know about!

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