What Is: iOS7 Activation Lock

In previous versions of Apple's iOS (through iOS 6) if your iPhone was stolen, the thief could easily erase it and use it or sell it, even if your iPhone was configured with a lock-code.  iOS 7 now makes it more difficult to use your iPhone if it should fall into the wrong hands.  Before Activation Lock it was also simple for anyone to turn-off Find My iPhone, preventing you from tracking the location of the phone via the Find My iPhone serviceiCloud Logo

What is Activation Lock?

New in iOS 7, Activation Lock requires your iCloud password before your phone can be erased and before the Find My iPhone service can be disabled.  This will allow you to continue track your device and will prevent a thief from erasing your iPhone and selling it.  Activation lock continues to work even if you use the Find My iPhone remote-erase feature.

How Do I Turn On Activation Lock?

Activation Lock is part of Find My iPhone and it is automatically activated if Find My iPhone is turned on.  If you have not enabled Find My iPhone you can do so by tapping Settings, then iCloud, and then tapping "Find My iPhone" to ON.  After turning on Find My iPhone, your password will be required to turn off Find My iPhone or erase it.

How Do I Turn Off Activation Lock before I sell my iPhone?

Before selling or giving away your iPhone be sure to turn off Find My iPhone.  Although not required, it's also a good idea to fully erase your iPhone by connecting it to iTunes and doing a "restore as new device" or by tapping "Erase All Content" in Settings under General|Reset

What if Activation Lock is On and I Forget My iCloud Password?

With with Find My iPhone and Activation Lock enabled on your iPhone it is very important to remember or keep your iCloud password in a safe place!  If you lose your iCloud password you will not be able to turn off Find My iPhone or erase your phone until you remember or reset your iCloud password/Apple ID password. 




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