What is myspacecdn.com ?

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is there an app for myspacecdn? how to have access?

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I think you may be misunderstanding what myspaceCDN is.

As already mentioned, MyspaceCDN is the "Content Delivery Network" that Myspace uses. It is the behind-the-scenes services that stores all of your Myspace photos, messages, etc, for quick, efficient delivery over the internet to all Myspace users (does anyone even still use Myspace?!) ..
You dont sign up for it, you dont do anything with it. The way to 'use' it is to post a picture on Myspace and that picture will automatically be stored or delivered to whoever looks at it via the Myspace CDN.

If the electricity that you use at home was Myspace, the telephone poles and wires that get the electricity from the power-generating stations to your house would be the MyspaceCDN.

Justin DiRose
Re: What is myspacecdn.com ?

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Anonymous Visitor
Re: What is myspacecdn.com ?

Anonymous Visitor wrote:
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Clearly you are a genius and the fact that you posted this helpful tidbit in a thread about the MyspaceCDN shows us all exactly how smart you are.


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