What kinda car do you drive?

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Re: What kinda car do you drive?

Wow, some decent ones out there, and never be ashamed of a car, my first one was a 82 dodge omni, I also had a rusted out S-10, a 89 "gutless" Cierra, and a 93 Cavalier. The only one worth over $1000 was my Vibe.

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Re: What kinda car do you drive?

My first was a green 1977 Chevy Nova. It had a cracked rear leaf spring so it drove a little crooked. I had a Dodge colt, then a Saturn SL1, a VW Golf, a Dodge Caravan, a VW Golf and now another Saturn that I mentioned in another post. The two Golfs and the Nova were the only ones worth a damn.

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Re: What kinda car do you drive?

I come from a fairly car-oriented family. I currently drive a 99 Dark Blue Tahoe, the SUV I always wanted. Picked it up cheap at a dealers-only auction. And like , the $75 to fill it up can hurt quite a bit, cause I've started to do a lot more driving than I used to. When I hit 150000 miles it will be time for an upgrade.

My 82 Firebird is my baby though. We put a big engine in it, painted it jet black and put some nice chrome wheels on it back when I was 16. Unfortunately, it has been neglected lately due to some engine problems, and it will continue to sit in my garage until I get the finances together to fix it up right: new paint, redo the interior, radio, etc...

I miss my LHS sometimes, it was an old man's car, but the smoothest ride ever. And the cops left me alone when I drove it. I went through a couple trucks before getting the Tahoe, a 92 Jimmy and a 95 Blazer.

My Dad's 65 GTO convertible will always be the coolest car ever. Though my brother has a 67 Chevelle he wants to restore to challenge it. I really want a 2003 Trans-Am or a new Solstice as my "wishful thinking" vehicles.

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Re: What kinda car do you drive?

 I drive an 1989 ford van with about 750,000 miles on it & it still runs good.  I plan on getting another 400k out of it before it's retired.  It takes about $110 to fill both tanks up for the week. (not good city gas mileage)  My other car is a 77 cobra II with a 351c engine.  I restored it about 7 years ago, but when I got married I had to put it up. It has some rust damage from sitting in storage, but not to serious.  In the near future i'll put it back into mint condition again.




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Re: What kinda car do you drive?

Hmm....lets see.  First car was a 1968 VW Fastback, with motor out of Porsche 914 and an open stinger exhaust.  It was really rusty, and when you made left turns, gas would spill into the passenger footwell sometimes, but the damn thing was fast and I would blow peoples minds as I pulled out in front of them....with the tires smoking!!  hahaha.   After that, lets see.   I want to say thats when I got my 80 VW Jetta, which was a great car until I wrecked it.  Then, I think I got another Jetta, this time an 84 GLI.   That car was a blast!!   Loved it, but it too got old and died.   Then I think I got a 1980 Ford F150, that I proceeded to drive into a telephone pole, and totaled it.  boo...broke some ribs in that one, but was wearing a seatbelt thankfully.  Then on to another VW, this time an 92 GTi.   That thing was scary fast!!   Ended up blowing the motor in that one....  Then, I got a 1987 Toyota Camry Wagon...woo hoo, a great car.   First thing I did was tint the windows, and put the nuclear sound system from my blown up GTi in that.  Great to see peoples faces when they realized that blaring loud house music was coming from there *dual 15" subs will do that*.   Well, since I seem to be so hard on cars, the motor went in that one too at around 180000 miles.  Its actually still sitting in my driveway, and I keep telling myself I'm going to put another motor in it, because the rest of the car is in great shape, and it got in the mid 30's for gas mileage.   And now that I drive a full size 84 Ford Bronco, that gets 10mpg, going downhill, with a tailwind...on a good day, I really should fix the Camry.    Of course, I now have the dealer looking for a good used Jeep Wrangler for me...for some reason I feel the need to have a 4x4 (which came in handy when we got 3 feet of snow this last winter).   We'll just see what happens, but for now, I'm putting probably 300+ dollars a month in for gas, I commute like 30 miles to work everyday.  I'm sure I might have left out a couple of cars, but that about sums it up.


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Re: What kinda car do you drive?

let's see.... I own a 1986 Honda XL 600R, I drive a 1994 Saturn SL2. The Honda does not run and has never ran while in my possession. Though I legally bought it, I lack the paperwork to prove that it's mine; it needs engine rings to run, it needs plates and turn signals to be street legal and it needs new tires (currently square full nobbys) and running lights to be road worthy. I used to have a 1991 Geo Metro; but when the frame at the front driverside swing arm broke, I relized the extent of it's rust problem and relized I lacked the garage space or money nessicary to get it fixed so I got rid of the car. It amazes me that both Saturn and Geo are made by GM, yet Saturn is so much more better engineered. The frame membranes are about twice as thick and are coated in a black substance that I think is enamal, the body is light weight plastic rather then steal, and the engine is an Ecotec not a crappy SOHC...

Re: What kinda car do you drive?

oh yea.... Honda also needs some parts for the rear axel and brake assembly, and needs mirrors.... and something else I'm sure..... and my dream vechicle is a single cylander 2 stroke diesel all-terrain naked cruiser w/ a hitch. The Honda would need a new engine, a larger gas tank, new seat, highway cruiser pegs, lashing points and a hitch to meet that spec..... then for other stuff where a motorcycle just ain't going to work; either a diesel Ford F350 Supercab modded for better terrain, a Jeep Cherokee modded to be a truck instead of a SUV, or a 4 door Jeep Wrangler.

Re: What kinda car do you drive?

97 Toyota 4Runner.  I NEED my SUV!

Bought it new in 1996 sight unseen while it was on a ship from Japan.  160K still running and looking like new.  I buy cars and drive them as long as feasible.  I doubt I ever buy brand new again.  You can save a bundle by buying something used that's a year or two old.

Re: What kinda car do you drive?

Ahhh, let's see here...My very 1st car was a '89 Jeep Cherokee that my parents bought for me at an auction w/out me even seeing it. Well ya, that didn't sit too well w/ me, but then something was big time wrong w/ it and they finally let me trade it in on a car that I wanted, a '92 Pontiac Sunbird. Loved that car.....oh the memories. Kept it until I moved out to the east coast and traded it in on a '01 Ford Mustang, which to this day is still one of my ultimate dream cars. Then because I thought that every girl needed a truck, I then purchased a brand new 2004 1500 Dodge Ram 4X4 Short bed....but if I knew then what I know now, I would've waited a few more years to buy that one. So after that came the real gem, a 92 Caddy STS. Why is it such a gem, good car, crappy Northstar System....not currently running due to the 180000 miles and seemingly enough no mechanics will fix it and recommend a new engine. My only saving grace is that it will start and you can drive it, so I'll be driving it right the same dealership where it came from and trading it in on the newer model now, CTS V-Series. However that'll have to wait until I get back from Kuwait in a year or so.

Thank goodness for my man...as he so graciously allows me to drive his '05 Explorer Sport Trac...and low and behold it's all decked out. You name it, it has it. I must admit that I have taken part in decking this truck out w/ the altezza lights (V-Day gift) all the window guards (B-Day present) and the chrome step bars....then there's the damn rims. Let's just say that I'll be highly upset if he spent more on those rims than he does on an engagement ring. So that's the exterior, now to the interior, this is a highly debatable subject right at the moment. And it's very hard to debate when you're 6000 miles apart. I guess I should have known that by the 20's and custom rims that this thing sits on that the radio inside would have to be modified as well. Well as you can guess it has been. One day about 5 months ago I get this call from Jamie (who's in Kuwait) about this guy he knows over there that wants to sell this stereo and I'm like, ya, go ahead and get it. Ok, so Jamie comes home for Xmas, he's all excited about this new stereo and can't wait to get it installed. Day after Xmas he goes to Circuit City and they do the install (NEVER GO THERE FOR THIS STUFF) and everything is great! The week after Jamie goes back to Kuwait, I go to run some errands and the truck won't start. So it becomes this ongoing process of finding out what's wrong, why won't it start blah blah blah...have you done anything new! Yeppers, installed a new radio, and by this time I've now identified the static back feed that I can hear even when the truck is turned off. So after 3 separate places that have taken the stereo out and re-installed it again this damn thing has cost us almost an extra $1000 because apparently it's just not the stereo, but the factory amp is not working correctly, the bazooka tube and after market amp can't work properly together and all this crap that I have no knowledge about. And to top it all off I'm still dealing w/ this crap and it's been almost 4 mths since this new "awesome" stereo was installed!!!!

Trust me, the lesson has been learned, Jamie will never modify anything in any car of mine!!!! I love the man to death, but no, my car...my way!

Here's what I'm really wishing that he does for me one day....I would love for him to buy me a old run down 68 Mustang and then we can restore it together. That to me would be the ultimate gift...

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Re: What kinda car do you drive?

i drive a 2002 chevy malibu...i love my car...i bought it in alaska and never had a problem, even in the extreme cold!!...moved years later to hot a@@ florida and it's still  great!! one slight problem though...my air conditioner acts up (go figure) but other than that, it runs like a charm!


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