What kinda car do you drive?

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Re: What kinda car do you drive?

Yeah, even when gas was over $4.00, I never really had to pay more than $35.00 to fill up...!


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Re: What kinda car do you drive?

Gas is actually down to $1.99 at some places here!!

Makes me wish I still had my Bronco....at least I wouldn't be spending 600 - 700/month now on gas!!  hahaha


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Re: What kinda car do you drive?

That's sweet, ho.  If the USA big 3 don't begin immediately to make more affordable and fuel effecient cars like your Yaris, they will vaporize - bail-out or not.  More people will be on the dole because the handwriting on the wall wasn't seen.

Love your car!

Re: What kinda car do you drive?

The proud new owner of a 1997 Dodge Intrepid. Looks amazing. $2000. Actually has paint. And AC. And electronic play toys. And electronic locks.... Unlike the shitty car I drove for 3 years. Am I happy? HELL YES! Haha. I'll have to post pics tomorrow.


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Re: What kinda car do you drive?

i got a huffy lol ... never saw the need for a car i live in a small town and everything is less than a mile away but i am looking at getting an 87 buick grand national from a buddy... i am in pretty good shape because i do cross country rides on my bike every sunday i travel close to 100 miles to church, then to the city with a few friends and i go home

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Re: What kinda car do you drive?

We are an Infiniti family. I have the  2008 QX56 SUV which I love! It seats 8 people very comfortably with all the bells and whistles. The gas milage isn't bad although we did buy a 2008 Civic Hybrid when the prices hit $5.00 a gallon because I  can drive 100 miles a day just transporting kids! Besides our daughter will be driving in a year so it really is going to be hers.

My husband is awful about cars. He sees them as disposable. He currently has an Infiniti 2008 G37 which he is already trying to get rid of for some new car he saw. To put his car addiction in persepctive...we have been married 1o years and he has had 16 cars....

Re: What kinda car do you drive?

My ride is a 2008 Mazda 5. It has the silver metalic paint option, built in ceiling mounted DVD player, it will seat 4 adults and 2 kids or 2 adults and 4 kids, or you can put the seats down and haul lumber, like I have. It is a fairly economical averaging about 22 MPG combined driving. When my now 16 year old son and I moved to Boston for 6 weeks in the spring of 2008 we averaged 24-26 on the highway and that was hitting speeds consistently at or above 70 and occasionally.....don't report me please.....speeds around 105. This is a nice little car. That's the pros!

Cons: Transmission needs to be reprogrammed because it has a tendency to up shift prematurely causing hailitis interuptous! Vented rotors front are nice but they should be on all 4 corners. Mazda needs to offer the Mazda3Speed bi-turbo engine in the Mazda 5! It handles just that damn good that you could push the HP!

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