What scares you the most?

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Re: What scares you the most?

I think the thing that would scare me most is one of my loved ones being killed. I have dreams of people mudering different loved ones. It's a horrible feeling and I would never want it to be real.



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You're upsetting me....on several levels.

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Re: What scares you the most?

Yeah, I have dreams like that too...also, since I was little I had this dream (in black and white) that a strange man was turning the door knob of my house and coming inside.  Even though it was black and white I could tell it was night time and that the man didn't belong there.  Creepy.  I tend not to like being home alone at night...I, along with my mother, have this weird knack for dreaming things that actually end up happening one day.  I know that sounds dumb/out there but it's true.  That's also something that definitely scares me.

Re: What scares you the most?

Im with 2na on that one. The thing that scares me the most is a home invasion. Actaully. When I was 13. i always slept with a knife under my pillow. just for this reason. I was sleeping in my room like always. And i always kept my window open cause i liekd the cool air that came in. well someone came in my window and landed on my bed. as soon as i woke up (it startled the hell out of me) i grabed the knife out from under my pillow and screamed bloody f***ing murder. i woke up all the neighbors around us. which came banging on our front door not 2 seconds later. my mom ad dad come in to see the person standing there. well my dad throws him up against the wall and mom takes me away. while our neighbor. (mike) called the cops cause my dad kept screaming at him that wer gona call the cops while hes beating the fuk out of the guy. well dad beats the guy bloody. cops come. call me brave for standing up to him. ( all i did was scream mind you) and took the guy in. so like i said, im with 2na on that.


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Re: What scares you the most?

Falling.... even when I trip my heart skips a beat.... which sucks since I'm clumsy and trip all of the time.... heights don't bother me... just falling... 

Large bodies of water..... I have reoccurring dreams of driving (or being in a car) and going off of a bridge over water.... and another dream of flying out of a boat.... making those two activities difficult for me to do in real life

People sneaking up on me.... I'm a verrrrry very jumpy person... just... don't do it... because once my heart catches up to me, I will not hesitate to injur you

Re: What scares you the most?

like mother like daughter. hot2na said it all. i am sooooo terrified of something like that happening that i cant even take a shower when nobody is home. if i absolutely have to i prolly peek out like every 30 sec.


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Re: What scares you the most?

out of all the good things to be afraid of, the GRINCH freaks me out. im not afraid,
he is just totally creepy!

Re: What scares you the most?

AHHHHH IT. Most of my fears are ludicrous and irrational, and involve things like those clowns from It. I don't think I have too many 'legitimate' fears, unless you include many-legged insects. Supernatural things - ghosts and malicious spirits, particularly - horrify me. There's no reasoning with them!

Re: What scares you the most?

I definitely share your fear of sharks. I used to have to pull my feet off the floor whenever I saw one on TV. It's ridiculous, I know, but I'd have dreams of them swimming in my carpet. I've since forced myself to learn about them because, of course, my fear comes from my ignorance.

But as for my biggest, I'd have to say... religion. Gives me the heebee jeebees!

Re: What scares you the most?

I am scared of the most stupid things it is ridiculous!

I hate and actually run away from slugs and caterpillars. And I can't even look at picture of a leach (it has just taken me about 10 minutes just to type that word!)

my stomach just tightens and I grit my teeth together if I even attempt to think about that l word :( Luckily I've never seen on in real life and think I world probably passs out from shock if I ever did!

So irrational because its very likely i'm ever going to see one!

Oh and maggots! Ergh! I run from them too! Like them and slugs are going to come chasing after me!

I can't believe how stupid that all sounds reading it! I'm not actually scared of anything else. Not heights, spiders, snakes, sharks ..... anything proper!

If everybody looked the same, we'd get tired of looking at each other :)

Re: What scares you the most?

Zombies... they just keep coming and want to eat you. They have no motivation other than to eat. lol...


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