What scares you the most?

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Re: What scares you the most?

I'm afraid of:

1.  Clowns - I freakin' hate clowns!

2.  Mayonnaise - I won't talk or touch anyone who eats this concoction.  I would not kiss my boyfriend if he just ate mayo.  I'm terrified of accidently touching it.  Nasty!

3.  I'm terrified of seeing the ceiling tiles off the ceiling, so you can see the exposed pipes below the roof line.  I used to cry when I was a kid, and I had to go into a house or store under construction, so that pipes are showing.  I have trouble going into stores like Costco where the internal workings are constantly exposed.

4.  Heights - I'm terrified of heights.  To overcome this, I've recently become a frequent flyer with Southwest Airlines to combat my fear.  I've completed over 16 flights in less than 2 years.  I still haven't, so I just get drunk and take Xanax before flights. 

5.  Living and Dying - I think living kinda sucks, but I don't know if I want to die either.  Strange but true...





"She walks in a shadow of discontent...tear the roof off this mutha like Parliament" - Capt'n

Re: What scares you the most?

SPIDERS.  Big, brown or black hairy ones.  The kind that get in the house somehow and are so big that you can hear the noise they make as they run.  I am terrified of them, have nightmares that I am falling into a spiderweb and whenever I turn away, there is another one.  If one ever gets on me, I will most likely be on psycho meds for life.



This is my nemesis:   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Clockspider.jpg

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Re: What scares you the most?
Im scared of rape and child abuse.. nothing else. thats just it.
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Re: What scares you the most?
I am scared clowns and mime and ghost and Korean doll


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