What Three (3) Items Would You Grab?

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What Three (3) Items Would You Grab?


What if you woke up suddenly because your house was on fire.

Your family and pets are already safe outside.

Which three (3) things would you save/take as you ran outside?


I would grab my purse, macbook, and floor safe.



Re: What Three (3) Items Would You Grab?

External harddrive containing the full and incremental backups, my Sparkle guitar, my '83 Carvin amp head (my firearms and important papers are kept in a fireproof safe).

Re: What Three (3) Items Would You Grab?

lol my house almost went on fire a few weeks ago so I actually thought about this recently

1- My computer

2- My books, if I could somehow manage to carry them all out

3 - my video games

p to the izzle
Re: What Three (3) Items Would You Grab?




Then I'd go back in for my shotgun, external hard drive, computer tower, wedding photos DVD and cell phones.

I don't want to die without any scars. 

Vash the Stampede
Re: What Three (3) Items Would You Grab?

music equipment, photo albums, and clean underwear..  oh and i cant go anywhere with out my toothbrush.. :)

Re: What Three (3) Items Would You Grab?

purses, laptop, jewelry...



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Re: What Three (3) Items Would You Grab?

 My purse, makeup mirror ( had it for 15 yrs) and any cash I have hidden..

You are only as old as you feel....that makes me 30, not 52!!lol

Zoo Keeper
Re: What Three (3) Items Would You Grab?

We had some awful fires here this past summer...one came within 1/4 mile of our house so we really thought about this. I seriously feel everything in our house is replaceable except pictures. So I took every picture we had from pre-digicam days and sent it to a company to be scanned. Then I downloaded all our pics on every computer and burned them onto archival CD's. I made 4 sets of all of them and stored one in our fireproof cabinet, 1 at my parents, 1 at my inlaws, and 1 at my office. Everytime we download pics I burn them on CD's now and send them to these various locations. This way all our pictures can always be recreated. I figure not all 4 places are going to burn down at once.

Sometimes I think I would love for this house to burn down :) because the layout is so strange and we could rebuild it in a more functional way (which we will prolly do in a few years anyway). So I would grab my kid's memory boxes, my purse, and my external hard drive. Then pray the fireproof filing cabinet does it's job for the rest!!

Zoo Keeper
Re: What Three (3) Items Would You Grab?

Thanks ...I thought about that (uploading to a hosting site) but I just never got to it. Burning the CD became second nature after this round of fires. I do it about once a month or so. Oh and that reminds me...I would add grabbing my "Password address book!"

Re: What Three (3) Items Would You Grab?

well since my family and pets are already safe then I would grab a box I have all my priceless kids' memories from their birth until now, my wedding dress and the box of memories from my husband's mom who has passed away.  

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Zoo Keeper
Re: What Three (3) Items Would You Grab?

I grabbed the kid's memory boxes too! My son has been going through his lately and talking to me about the things he remembers in it which makes me cry. It reminds me that even if a fire were to ravage our house that our minds and hearts own these memories. And long before we had a camera to capture them our hearts did. There are still those moments when I have no camera to catch a moment only to realize that maybe that moment was for my mind only...maybe it was never meant to be captured for all to remember but only for me.

Yes, the memory boxes are important...I keep telling my kids that the memory boxes are for me to remember parts of their childhood after they moved on and created new childhoods with their children. They keep insisting they are taking them with them when they move out...lol...we'll see!


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