What Three (3) Items Would You Grab?

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Re: What Three (3) Items Would You Grab?

aw thats so sweet! i have had so many of those moments when i thought i really should have a camera and then shrugged it off as i treasured it more. i even wrote a blog about one particular time. it kept playing over and over in my mind in slow motion. a memory that i will never forget. my mother eventually handed over my memory boxeS (plural-she saved everything). it was about the time that i had settled down and finally started my own family. that way i can pass it down to my children. im sure it was hard for her, and heck she might have still kept a few boxes, but its nice after not seeing all the contents in a while to sit back with her and reminisce.

for my three things would be our pictures our important papers and the computers.


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Re: What Three (3) Items Would You Grab?

I think the best ones do replay themselves. I keep seeing the one where my two daughters are in the shower and mini hands me the ittybittypritty so she can finish washing her own hair. Then they start kissing each other through the shower glass....the moments my children share with each other are the memories I wish I could capture more of and yet even when I do a photo still never seems to do them justice. I am so glad they have each other! Each other is all that matters....I don't stress about fire season anymore. Let the house burn down because our family isn't based on a house....you can be a family anywhere.

Hello Cupcake
pets are safe?

In that case,

my grandmother's wedding ring


my purse

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Re: What Three (3) Items Would You Grab?

Laptop bag with all laptop stuff inside, Girlfriend and Floor safe (Sentry fire box)!   Yes they say it's fireproof safe but do i trust it?  NO!

Re: What Three (3) Items Would You Grab?

My laptop, my purse, and my file folder.  (too many important papers in there)




Re: What Three (3) Items Would You Grab?

My purse, computer (lots of pics of the family in there), and floor safe as well (all important documents are in there).

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