What Do You Want to Achieve in 2009?

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Re: What Do You Want to Achieve in 2009?

Zoo Keeper wrote:
A few months ago my entire staff took up the "Complaint" challenge for 30 days. Each person put on a purple bracelet and each time you complained, were negative, or gossiped you had to switch it to the other wrist. There are 49 of us and we went through 511 bracelets before someone finally hit 30 days.

that sounds like a great challenge. i would love to read the outcome once the challenge ends!

Zoo Keeper
Re: What Do You Want to Achieve in 2009?

I keep waiting for it to end and realize it never does...as an agency we have been at it since July 1st! We will all never get "there" for some people focusing on the negative is a way of life. It makes them feel better about their own circumstances or gives them excuses to blame someone else. And for others they wouldn't know how to function without negativity. There are people I work with that don't know how to function outside of crisis....the calm scares them. I am not postive all the time by any means but I work a lot harder on finding the positive than I used to. I work to keep negativity and self defeating behaviors at bay whether they are from me or others. I don't let my friends write negative comments on  my myspace and I don't write them on theirs. I try to find a positive in everything even though I may think the whole thing is sh**ty. The fact is I can't change many circumstances so dwelling in the negativity of it will just drive me out of my mind. And the circumstances I can change need my effort to create the change not dwell on the bad side.

This is where we got the idea for the Complaint Challenge.


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