What is your favorite Firefox 3.5 feature?

10% (1 vote)
Private Browsing.
40% (4 votes)
Location Aware Browsing.
10% (1 vote)
Open Video.
0% (0 votes)
The enhanced 'Clear Recent History' features located in the Tools drop down menu.
10% (1 vote)
The 'Forget About This Site' feature located in the History drop down menu.
10% (1 vote)
The 'Recently Closed Windows' feature located in the History drop down menu.
0% (0 votes)
I'm not a FF user.
10% (1 vote)
Other [share it via comment below]
10% (1 vote)
Total votes: 10




I went with speed.

I already had my settings at private. Firefox does not remember my visited sites, download history, and clears all cookies and private data when I close Firefox. I've always had it set up that way.

I don't want to die without any scars. 

i forgot to add the new + tab feature.

overall, i can't decide on just one. the entire upgrade is a great package. 


 I voted for the "Forget about this site" feature. There are quite a few sites I wouldn't mind forgetting about.



The Truth Is Out There. Trust No One! Deny Everything!

You're upsetting me....on several levels.

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