What's Behind Your Name? Confess!

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What's Behind Your Name? Confess!

The title says it all! What's behind your GUG name is what I'm curious about. With over 14,000 registered users here, I have seen some rather interesting, creative, unusual, and very well thought out login names. I've read many that I wish I would have thought of first Wink!

I'll start. Mine is: Hot2na *trust me...it's not what you think!*

I'm hot...always (hot flashes like you can't imagine!). And when diving & snorkeling not long ago, I was with a large school of fish, which I thought/think were tuna. Loved it! We were able to take underwater photos of me with them. Very cool in my world.



Okay, who is next?



Re: What's Behind Your Name? Confess!

i have no clue what mine means...i just like the sound of it. *giggle*

Re: What's Behind Your Name? Confess!

my name is simple,
niebr = part of my last name
90 = year of birth,
while i was at langely, my highschool
everyone started calling me niebr, well it basically stuck with me after i had 2 leave the school and go into cyber school
niebr (knee - ber) ber as in iceberg

The only stupid question is the one that remains unasked

Re: What's Behind Your Name? Confess!

I was listening to The Ting Ting's Great DJ song. and it goes...the drums the drums the drums. haha :)

Re: What's Behind Your Name? Confess!

Nothing special or meaningful..I just think fairies are pretty :)

Re: What's Behind Your Name? Confess!

As much as I'm not a fan of "txt spk" or L33T (whatever that means and I'm sure I'm not spelling *that*right!), my name is exactly what you think, LOL.

Goes wayyy back to the days of TalkCity and an online trivia game they had called "Ridiculist". Met a lot of sweet people there, many who became real-life friends and then died. Seriously. Ridic (as we called it) somehow drew the sickest people in the world. Dropped like flies, really.  

Anyway, there was an ongoing Ridiculist tournament there and the team I was selected to join was the "LOL"ers. In between games we'd troll the room with "lol"s just to psyche the other team out and it worked. As most gaming goes, I eventually lost interest and disappeared from TalkCity entirely. When I rejoined a year or so later, I'd forgotten my password and associated email address so I went with elleOHelle. My real name is Danielle, so it does make some sense, although my name had nothing to do with it when I came up with it. 

It was a bit annoying for chatting since every time I'd see someone type "lol" I'd think it was intended for me. "LOL" was the abbreviation friends used for me. 

The "Oh" was just cheesy. Like, I put the OHHhhh in LOL. Good lord that sounds so lame now. It was kinda cute and silly back then.

So it stuck and is my username for lotsa things, either elleoelle or elleohelle.

Plus I am a freakin' hysterical chick (to compensate for the darkness inside...) so elleohelle, being feminine and referring to laughter, makes perfect sense. OK, maybe perfect sense to those who make no sense but that's cool too.




Re: What's Behind Your Name? Confess!

Yours is my fav name I've seen on here :)  I have been on here frequently for a couple months now,  and I just "got it" a few days ago. seriously. yeah lame, i know, but it made me laugh.  


Re: What's Behind Your Name? Confess!


Yours is my fav name I've seen on here :) I just "got it" made me laugh.[/quote]

why thank you! i love making people laugh Wink!


Tuna...the other white meat!

Re: What's Behind Your Name? Confess!
"yes I am a mom but I'm more than just a mom. " Awesome attitude! I always like to hear that type of thing from my fellow XX's. :)

"Thanks for the mac badge, Hubby!"

Re: What's Behind Your Name? Confess!


Down side is that I think most think I'm much older. I hear alot from people that see my picture on my myspace that they didn't picture me that way - LOL

True !! The first time I saw your picture I said WOW, is Hotmom! You are gorgeous. LOL!

Onto what's behind my name. When I was younger my friends nicknamed me L's, (First name begins with L) so I just spelled it Elles. The last time someone called me L's was about 6 years ago.

p to the izzle
Re: What's Behind Your Name? Confess!

It was the first thing that popped into my head when I registered. My wife calls me P sometimes. I should have made it p to the izzo but oh well. I normally do very straight forward user names like my first two initials and my last name combined into one word. ex: tjsmith ( not really my info but you get it). Actually I'm a famous white rapper from Kentucky and that's my stage name, fo sho. p to the izzle is from the 502 for shizzle! Man that was dumb. 

"I'm just like you only shorter."



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