What's Behind Your Name? Confess!

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Re: What's Behind Your Name? Confess!

My name i just changed recently from shawnlynn to Btld_litnin. 

I got divorced last year and my new boyfriend said that i reminded him of what his grandfather use to call his grandmother--Bottled Lightning.  I guess she was quite a spitfire!!  He must have seen that look in my eyes at one point, because after that he called me his bottled lightning!! Good thing he likes me as i am, because i can surely be a beeeiotch!!  :)








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Re: What's Behind Your Name? Confess!

My username comes from the surnames of my two favorite Russian pop singers, Yura Shatunov, and Denis Belikin, but with the feminine ending.

Let me explain about the feminine endings. In Russia, when a woman marries a man, she takes his last name, and attaches a feminine ending to it.
Examples: Shatunov becomes Shatunova. Belikin becomes Belikina. Lazarev becomes Lazareva. Romanovskiy becomes Romanovskaya.
The case is not so for Ukrainian names, which stay the same, no matter what.

My username also came from a convo between myself and my friend Olga. We were talking and I jokingly said "You know, I'm going to marry Denis Belikin one day. And Yura Shatunov, even though he's married already." and she said "Oh yeah, once he sees you, he'll forget all about his wife!" (We have odd ways of joking, lol)

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Re: What's Behind Your Name? Confess!

My name came from something my dad would say about me.  I always had my head buried in books, magazines, or studying, lol!! and when my dad or mom would call to me for something I wouldn't answer most of the time as I was concentrating on other things. One day my mom said something about where is that girl and my dad replied probably somewhere over the rainbow, so that name kind of stuck with me, lol!!  




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