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 Well the down part is for a band I love called down and girl because Im a girl of course haha and the 2182 because when i first started using this name I was 21 and 82 is for the year I was born


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Re: What's Behind Your Name? Confess!

Ive been AlmostEvil since AOL days...like 1994 when you had to pay by the minute to use some *awesome* dialup service. Undecided

Lots of people know me by this name, or AE. i have my own forum, adult website, affiliate website, ect that all fall under the Almost Evil Empire. (ok, i might be the only one who considers it an empire...) 

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 Hmmm.... Why did I choose the Mad Hatter??? well, because I believe we all have to act a little insane to stay sane, and I recognize that sometimes I get so into snooping, investigating and digging I find myself lost in my own little world, my own "wonderland."

There is so much to learn and I am very excited to learn it...I really love GUG and am very gracious to those that have contributed so much.  You have helped me in so many ways...that I wish I could go into, but can't because, well....this is an open forum...  HUGS TO ALL MY FELLOW GUGS!  have a great weekend!Smile





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Hmmm I don't really like my name, can't change it. Confess what it means? Well nothing really.

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There is nothing really behind my name, Summer is my given birth name.  Guess my mother was a hippie.  Smile



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Because I'm EXTRA  fancy 

Re: What's Behind Your Name? Confess!

I took mine from a favorite character in Gates of Fire.

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I spent about a decade and a half sitting at an airport with a much-beloved child and the "good-byes" became increasingly difficult. She spent about the first 15 years of her life being picked up/dropped off at the airport because of a lack of genuine concern for her well-being by either of her parents. Her mother lived on the west coast and her father lived in the Midwest. During those difficult days, she always wanted me and my family there with her.

It was during One of those emotional evenings, you know, where the pain of her loss is literally stuck in your throat and no matter how hard you swallow, it won't go down. Seeing her cry did that to me. In an effort to soothe her about "The Distance", we stood by an airport window and I said:

"When you are thinking of us ~ look to the sky, you see the Moon?

I see it too, so you really aren't so far away."

We would talk on the phone regularly and when she would be struggling with the emotional loss (or vice versa) One of us would say: "Do you see the Moon?"

I fell in love with her when she was 2 years old, when I began dating her uncle, whom I later married (hubby is the baby of 5 older brothers). After HS One day, I went over to see him and she was jumping on his bed playing air guitar. She liked to stand at the top of the stairs and "fly" down into my arms. She became both our "first child" and a younger sibling. She would sit in the front seat between us on many of our first dates because I wanted to take her everywhere we went, and, well, even back then, when we were teenagers ourselves, we held great concern about her environment. When we’d have her in the car, she’d demand to hear Neil Diamond’s Forever in Blue Jeans, cranked embarrassingly loud, and, despite the strange stares of passersby, we’d still lovingly sing and do the "car dance" thing.

She was there with us when we welcomed our first child to the world. Our children spent much of their youth with "Sissy". There were periods of time she lived with us. As she became a teenager, she turned to me with questions about boys, shaving her legs, make-up, and even her academics (her teachers knew me, not her parents). When we had her in our care I signed her up for pageantry, as an additional tool to groom her for "lady-hood". A lesson I hoped she would learn: beauty radiates from the inside out.

A lot of time was spent in "togetherness", even if that meant "Dancing the Dust Away" (when we'd crank up the tunes and dance while tending to household chores) or our "Sock Skating" parties where we'd chase my children around, all of us wearing socks and sliding about on the tile floors.

"She had lived in an environment

with an eroded standard of scruples.

It was some kind of barbaric family,

and she the pupil.

No concern nor care,

Love was absent there".

Well, suffice it to say that her difficult childhood brought out some very difficult teenage years. Mix that with my inexperience with raising teenagers and that we are about 11 or 12 years apart in age. Issues arose [music (Cop Killer), boys, friends (criminal mischief), etc] and, regrettably, we all responded in poor fashion. She returned to the fruit of her roots.

I have felt a tremendous loss since those days. It is hard for me to process that she has held on to hatred and disregarded the sacrifices we made out of concern for her safety and welfare. She won’t forgive our faults nor discern her contributions to the demise of the relationship. There is no forgiveness.

Christmas, for me, is the worst. No matter how much I brace myself, it just isn’t the same without her here with us. No shopping together, buying her surprises that I know will make her happy, no Christmas cards, phone calls, laughter, loving, dancing. The family knows to hide her stocking and homemade Christmas ornaments from me, which would reduce me to tears immediately. Even as I write this, the emotional struggle turns to tears.

About a year or so ago I found her on Myspace. Never knew anything about the website. Moonshooter’s mission became to gather as many tidbits of her life that could be garnered. I want to know that she is healthy, happy and loved. Selfishly, perhaps, I yearn for any pieces of her life she publishes there, in some measure, mending the void of the loss of her in our lives.

She always seemed happiest at the beach. A friend here at GUG was able to snag some photos of her at the beach. This share meant more to me than what I am capable of expressing in words. My heart hangs on with hope that the love lost will One day be restored.


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 Moonshooter I have tears rolling uncontrollably down my face after reading that. I don't pray much, but tonight I will be saying a prayer that god grants you the reconciliation you seek.



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Re: What's Behind Your Name? Confess!

Thanks Jewels ~  the more prayers that go up, the more blessings that come down.  Now I can't sleep.  Where's that new code?




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