whats a forum?

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whats a forum?

yea ok im trying to learm programming, i cant type and dont know what a css, or html is, anyone want to smack some sense into me? I recently was blessed with alot of free time and got nothing else to do so screw it. if anyone could point me in the right direction thatd be pretty kick ass. or maybe we can chat or whisper sweet nothings while walking down a beach somewhere flogging dolphins. thanks


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Re: whats a forum?

 lol @ flogging dolphins. I just got a new flogger :D

Anyways, if you really dont know anything at all about css or html (or even what they are) you might want to look into taking a basic computer class online.

But if you want to do it totally on your own, i suggest you put on your reading glasses and get your clickin finger ready and head over to HTML Tutorial


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Re: whats a forum?

thanks for the help

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Re: whats a forum?
Don't worry I'm learning too. You are not the only one, your interst is what is inspirational. Keep trying to learn, and be patient.
Re: whats a forum?

someone asked me for help in building their new website so this will come in handy for me. ive only done some basic stuff so thank you AE!


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Re: whats a forum?

"programming", "forums", "CSS", and "HTML" are all different things (mostly). I would start by deciding what you're more interested in and going from there:

  • Computer programming: Start with something easy like Visual Basic; "C" if you're crazy; "assembly" if you're a 'real man'
  • Internet/Websites:  HTML for creating basic website pages, "CSS" for fancy looking stuff; "PHP", java, mySql, ColdFusion, RubyonRails for the really advanced stuff
  • Forums: a forum is usually built with PHP/mysql (or other architecture), is "installed" onto a internet server, and is then used with fairly simple menus - using or running a forum would usually not be considered 'programming'.  If you wanted to "write" a forum from the ground up, you would use the tools listed above - but lets not get crazy or anything


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