whats on your christmas list

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lone wolf
whats on your christmas list

Hello everybody id like to start by introducing myself i am Adam.A 15 year old guy yes i know this site is called grownup geek but i like to assist people as much as i can and by helping grownups learn the stuff that i know i am essentially making more grownup geeks lol

my christmas list
a kvm cable ...lol betcha never saw that one coming

wireless keyboard and mouse set

some computer games ...sims 2 and halo

some creative computer speakers

psp games

video card pci express x16 xfx geforce 7600gs pcie
256mb ddr2 dvi hdmi 400 mhz ....to be particular

sony memory stick duo 1 gig

and some case fans because my computer runs hot


cmon everybody lets get into the holiday spirit as of right now it is 32 more days till christmas ....almost time to break out the eggnog and the mistletoe

so send in a list of what you want for christmas and who knows maybe good things will happen



p to the izzle
Re: whats on your christmas list

One pair all black skate shoes size 10. I've already heard from a little birdy that Santa has them on her, uh I mean his list.

"I'm just like you only shorter."


lone wolf
Re: whats on your christmas list

horay for santa

hope you have fun ..... i love to skate theres a place somewhat near my house where i go skating all the time

Re: whats on your christmas list

Santa came a little early, I got my christmas gift from my parents last Wednesday.

That, my friends, is a portable washing machine. Merry Christmas to me. Cool


"How do you know I'm mad?" asked Alice.
"You must be", said the cat, "Or you wouldn't have come here"

lone wolf
Re: whats on your christmas list

yes merry christmas to you ..... and a very merry christmas to all and to all a good night ....i gotta go but ill be online tommorow

Re: whats on your christmas list

i think this leather sofa that i saw in this photograph would be nice.

Re: whats on your christmas list

That looks comfy. Good choice.

lone wolf
Re: whats on your christmas list

[quote=iamthedevil]That looks comfy. Good choice.

yes very comfy .... all your missing is a gigantic flat screen tv and some jaw droppingly amazing sounding speakers :D

lone wolf
Re: whats on your christmas list

hehehe cant complain about those gifts seein the kids happy is always good and hey every mom needs a break ...id get my mom a gift certifficate to the spa but sadly that costs money which i dont have a lot of so i will have to do the next best thing ...build her something like a table or some kind of knick knack

congrats on the new tv hope you like it

lone wolf
Re: whats on your christmas list

i just got that warm and fuzzy feeling XD ....im planning on making my mom a little jewlery box that she can put her stuff in

have a nice day and "happy computing"

Re: whats on your christmas list

adam, i don't believe i've ever seen a christmas list quite like yours. it does my heart good to communicate with a 15 y.o. that has wishes like you. are u really 15? or am i fallin' for a con? just teasin' juliek.....btw, my wishes are that everyone get their wishes...


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