What's your MPG ?

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Check this out, Lynn:


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Re: What's your MPG ?

1994 Saturn SL2..... sent it to the scrap yard last week. But it was getting 26~ mpg with no O[2] sensor..... went over 150 miles on less then 4 gallons of gas while drafting a semi-truck through Missouri....

now, I have a bicycle which I've already punctured both tubes on in less then a week... and I'm probably going to buy a bus pass next month......

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Re: What's your MPG ?

I don't know what my MPG is but I put $20 in it at about $4.18/ gallon and I can go a week or so. it's a 1997 Saturn SC2 5 Speed. The only time I get stressed on gas prices is when I leave city limits. Going to see my dad costs about $40. I have to drive to Chicago soon and I'm really scared to see how much that will cost. 

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Re: What's your MPG ?

I'm glad my job gives me a decent gas allowance. I drive around from store to store all day. My first gas check was about $300 more than what I spent, and that goes pre-tax straight into my wallet. They usually aren't quite that good though.

For work I'm driving my wife's first brand-new bought car, a 97 Geo Prism. It has about 219,000 miles on it and is still going strong. I think I'm getting about 25-27 MPG. I keep track every time I fill up and I've noticed a dip in MPG the last few weeks...

My other vehicle, for driving around myself, the Wife, Mr. Baby, the Dog, and assorted "stuff" is my 99 Tahoe. I'd guess it doesn't get better than 12-15 MPG. But I still really like it and do have a lot of uses for a large SUV. It cost $90 to fill the other day.

If my Firechicken was up and running, it would cost me lots of $$$ to take it for a spin... but damn it would be so worth it. One day it will be fixed up right and alive again.

Re: What's your MPG ?

just had a deja vu moment.  were u on the radio this past weekend asking about the shifter popping out of gear?

long shot i know, just they had same year and make of car as u, thought i'd ask.  i'm naive, i know, i still think the world consists of around 20 people. 

*little do they know...*

Re: What's your MPG ?

Nope, wasn't me. Which car? What radio station?

I wouldn't admit any of my car problems on the radio. I have my Dad and Brother (both much more mechanically inclined than I) to do all those things for me.

Re: What's your MPG ?

2008 Toyota Corolla 28 mpg city,  37 highway





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