When Kitties are sick or have a fever

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When Kitties are sick or have a fever

Ok, so I've noticed when my cats are sick, their noses turn dry and warm (as opposed to being cold and wet), and the top of their ears gets really hot (their ears are cool when they don't seem sick). So I was wondering if this is a way to tell if they have a fever or not because everytime they are sick I notice this!



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Re: When Kitties are sick or have a fever

Ive always heard that about their noses. I think its true of dogs too.  But we have a few 'critter' experts around here!

Btw, welcome to GuG :)

Re: When Kitties are sick or have a fever

kittie thermometer and a suit of armor?

A cat's regular temp is between 100.5 to 102.5 degrees F... so they usually will always feel warm or hot to us... the only way to *know* is to take the temperature with a thermometer.

Here's a page that might help better explain how to get your kittie's temp with a thermometer.

As for noses... One of my cats have always had a dry/warm nose... since he was a baby... the other always has a cold/wet nose... so I wouldn't allow a change in nose temp/wetness be your only indicator of illness.

Re: When Kitties are sick or have a fever

In general, whenever anything is "different from the norm" on an animal it's a sign of something going askew. Most people will tell you "their nose should be wet & cold" and yeah, ok, a lot of critter's noses ARE wet & cold... but I have one doggy that has a dry warm nose ALWAYS... well unless she's sick. When she gets a soggy wet nose, it's usually a sign that she's not feeling 100%. If you know your kitties and they DO usually have wet cold noggins, and then they don't.. then yes they may be feeling under the weather, though that doesn't mean there's a definite need for concern. Line Anime said, they have a higher body temp to begin with, so their ears should always feel warm to h\you, however if they feel downright HOT, and she hasn't been out in the heat, or running around like a maniac cat, then she very well may have a slight fever.
Animals are pretty good at letting you know when they want to see a Dr though.... Here are some important signs to look for:
- Listlessness (being super lazy, and almost lifeless) 
- a ruffed coat (just looking all unkempt)
- lack of eating and/or drinking
- excessive drinking, excessive peeing or vomiting (this ones hard to tell in kitties, because many of them vomit in   obscure places and they, or another pet may eat it (yuck, I know)
- lack of bowel movements
- noisy kitty (growling, crying, moaning etc)
If your 4 legged friends shows any of the above symptoms, then she definitely needs to take a trip to the local Vet... a warm dry nose? She'll most likely be fine!

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