Where Will 2009 Travels Take You?

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Re: Where Will 2009 Travels ✈ Take You?

Everywhere from little out of the way attractions (like on route 66)to cities like New York. Every state has something to offer.

Re: Where Will 2009 Travels ✈ Take You?

no where, no money. getting a serious case of that cabin fever you were talking about.  so sick of the icky gray-white sky matching the icky gray-white snow. colder than heck.  woop-dee-doo high of like 8 the other day, lol.  first thing i do when someone says they're going on a trip somewhere now is Google what the Temp there is and then i unapologetically proceed to drool. ;-p

Groundhog day is Jan. 31st, 2009 for those of you who are also turning into popsicles!!!

Those of you taking trips, don't forget to take and post pictures of the awesome scenery!

*little do they know...*

Re: Where Will 2009 Travels ✈ Take You?

I'd love for 2009 to take me to Europe but I don't see much chance of that happening... new job that will consume a lot of time.

On a very positive note, I travel to NYC a few times a year and will now be 45 minutes outside of it in the Greenwich/Stamford area of Connecticut. WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NYC is my favorite place in the world.

Re: Where Will 2009 Travels ✈ Take You?

Im flying to San Jose next weekend for a boxing event.. woot- woot!


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