Where Will Summer Take You?

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Re: Where Will Summer Take You?

That sounds so awesome! Thanks for the tip.Laughing



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Re: Where Will Summer Take You?

I have a few smaller things planned for summer...Cedar Point trip, camping with my friends, etc...and once it's over, I'll be headed to college (I graduated from HS a couple of weeks ago), which I'm very nervous about..!

Re: Where Will Summer Take You?

well, we're past the half way point and never made it to a powder soft beach with an umbrella drink, cabana boy, or sand granules between my "cheeks" type of get away due to our pending move. i did go to the east to look for homes. made it to the chesapeake bay inn to eat & drink. love it there!

anyone else get out of dodge this summer? planned or unplanned?

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Re: Where Will Summer Take You?

We went to Rocky Point, Mexico aka Puerto Peñasco and we had an awesome time like always! I have some awesome pics but need to upload them, i keep saying that, but I will for sure this week. When we go to Rocky point we usually go on a sun set cruise and out to town at night, not this year. This year we were beach bums and just stayed at our resort http://rockypointres.com/sonoran-sea-resort.php and got on the banana boat. Good times!

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