Who Will Be The Next President? (after voting post your comments WHY)

John McCain
48% (35 votes)
Barack Obama
52% (38 votes)
Total votes: 73




Obama, because he got more news coverage in the beginning and continues to today.

---The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had---

heh.. yeh.. maybe the next poll should be "who would be the better president" .. because we know the candidate with the best TV commercials will win..

Sad, huh? That so many brainless people in this country vote only for what they see and hear on television....

---The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had---

Is that what would place your vote on rays? He is def not the lesser of two evils.....think about it!

Haha. Wow, I thought I heard enough about who to vote for from friends..... So, I'll say it for the 10000000th time. I don't know who I'm voting for. I will decide the day before elections.

---The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had---

I agree with McCain's policies on the economy, and immigration. I like Obama's policy on healthcare. I really dislike both options, but McCain is the lesser of two idiots evils


Here's a great lil quiz for those of you who are undecided. It asks simple questions on which quote you agree with more, and based on yoru answers, let's you know how that aligns with candidates answers:

Pick A President

And I really hate having to choose the lesser of the two evils.  Let's make them both President and have it all...

That was cool Almost Evil! And I wasn't surprised by my pick McCain 08. I only didn't pick his answer twice on two issues I knew I wouldn't!

Bad attitude.......Cute Shoes.........Things even out. :)

I took the test.  Confirmed what I already knew, but hey, I was trying to be fair.  McCain for me.  I always shy away from someone who says they can make everyone happy, because it can't be done. 

I voted that Obama would win because he's promising a pretty picture.  Pretty pictures are very appealing, it seems.

Note that I said I voted that Obama would win (per poll).  Never said he was who I was voting for.

Have no idea at this time who has my vote. Still working on that one.


Right now to me its definitely the lesser of 2 evils.....i dont trust obama..... he has a hidden agenda as far as i can see........McCain has my vote

What goes around comes around..don't forget it!


Tuna ><(((( '> the other white meat! I am Keeper Of The Whip!

Everyone has their hot button.  Mine is national security.  At this point in our history everything else pales.  Right now it's how Iran's nuclear future will be handled.  Ahmadinejad is young and he isn't going anywhere.  Those of his kind cannot be handled with diplomacy.  Which candidate will sit on his hands and hope the UN handles it with their useless sanctions and which one will back up Israel when they decide the risk is too great?  Iran cannot be allowed to develop a nuclear program.

I agree with Stevie 100%...National Security is truly the most important (atleast to me) Without it, our country is headed for disaster! We thought 9/11 was bad.....yeah right...Without a president that stands UP against Iran...we haven't seen NOTHING yet! I truly feel that McCain will protect us...unlilke Obama...who wants everyone to just get along...yeah right...we will NEVER see peace in this world....with other countries that HATE us and Isreal..And people really crack me UP...with other "issues" being MORE important than 'our safety'...Sure the economy,etc is important...but without safety 1st..We want be able to B**** about the other issues that concern us! I am for McCain ALL the way...And Palin is a little FIRECRACKER and stands UP for what she believes in...So I respect her...As the saying goes,"If you DON'T STAND FOR SOMETHING, YOU WILL FALL FOR ANYTHING!" ~Petite Fleur~

Christina, I'm glad you see it.

It should be a given that "talks" with Ahmadinejad will do no good and will only give him a platform and more time to do what he is intent on doing anyway. Anyone that doesn't agree with that doesn't know the man. 

That's the fundamental and most important difference between our candidates.  In this case, I feel diplomacy with Iran will be deadly and catastrophic.  The best chance for continued (relative) "peace" calls for a strong deterrent against Iran if their development continues. The world can't allow it. The US can't allow it. 

I believe that the US being in the Middle East is actually a stabilizing factor. Compare today's situation of the present to what could happen.

Here's how I see the dominoes falling.

A nuclear Iran will probably be attacked by Israel.  Israel is in this for their own survival and they won't wait until Iran becomes fully capable.  Will Iran counter-strike? You bet your a**.  Then the US is involved no matter who's in office. 

So let's take it on a different path. 

Say Iran DOES develop nuclear weapons and Israel does NOT do a preemptive.  Ahmadinejad has already said what he will to do to Israel when he is capable.  If he follows through with what he has already said he is going to do, the US is involved again.  In this scenario, Israel is toast and now we are looking at an all-out regional war. 

Some might say, "But we are already involved now!".  Here's the difference.  By not stopping Ach-Mad before he achieves his goal, our troops will have to deal with the possibility of nuclear weapons used conventionally.  I believe when we get to that point our volunteer forces won't be so voluntary anymore.  The notion of a short-range nuke rocketed over a US base or driven in by a suicide truck will end our volunteer program forever. 

I believe a nuclear Iran will eventually result in a non-wartime and/or wartime draft.  And it won't be like Vietnam where you could buy your child's way out, pull favors, or enroll them in college.  The whole process will be scrutinized for fairness by everyone from the bottom up.  I also believe that the selective service rules will be challenged, changed, and females will also be part of the draft pool. 

It's bleak.  And we need to face it that our presence will be in the Middle East to stay until one of us invents the flux capacitor.  After we no longer need oil we can get out, but until then... 

And it all goes back to how Iran is handled during the next 4 years.

Remember - the only way to keep Iran from developing nuclear weapons is by not letting them.  This is not going to happen by "talks" but by serious ultimatum.  Ahmadinejad has to know that there will be no bluff.  It may take the threat of cruise missiles fired from a US destroyer but it's better than the aftermath of sitting by hoping diplomacy works while Iran goes ahead with nuclear program.

Stevie, I enjoyed reading your reply....It's good to know..there is someone else, other than me...that understands where America is headed! You are a VERY smart man...that gets the BIG PICTURE!

~Petite Fleur~

Did you catch "Ah-Mad's" address to the UN today?  My skin crawled.  It probably wouldn't mean too much to those that are just now stepping in.  Everyone in the US should study that man, what he believes, what he has said.

No..I didn't get to see it. I will google it unless, you have a direct link?

I swear he is "Hitler" reborn!!!

~Petite Fleur~


Like I said... if you know much about him, you know what it means and what he's trying to do.

Here is a GREAT response to your link that I found....

Just like Osama bin Laden and the Taliban, Admadinejad is explicit in his threats against the the United States and Israel. Hopefully we have learned to take such enemies at their word. He has said that he intends to make war on the United States unless we adhere to his philosophy and restrict our activities to within our own borders. He is already at covert war with Israel and will use any nuclear weapons when he gets them against Israel and covertly against the US. We should not make the mistake of thinking that he is the "mouse that roared" or he is only playing to his constituents. He means what he says, and we must act to defend ourselves before he strikes, because his first strike will be far worse than Sept. 11th.

~Petite Fleur~

Good point. now you guys are making me think.....

-Pain is weakness leaving the body- USMC OOrah!

Bella22- I'm glad that our post are making you 'think'


-If you don't stand for SOMETHING, you will FALL for ANYTHING!

~Petite Fleur~

This is election is making me very nervous and scared, I just hope the country picks the right candidate.

-Pain is weakness leaving the body- USMC OOrah!

I understand that you are scared & nervous...I am too! However, I have a opinion about the situation...I truly feel that everything happens for a reason in LIFE (there is a GREATER purpose for ALL of us)..That being said, GOD knows who is going to be in office....It is ALL apart of a greater plan...We should however, stand UP for what WE believe in and  in the mean time (until this world is over), want a President that A) LOVES his country B) Will do WHATEVER it takes to protect US C) Have concern for other countries, that cannot help themselves or that has a EVIL leader like Sudam!!! I just don't see Obama protecting us...In fact, I know he want...He wants us to 'all get along'...I'm sorry, it will NEVER happen! How can we say, we want "PEACE" in this world...when we can't even get along with our neighbor, our family, or OWN enemies in our "personal life?" And as I have said BEFORE...these other little insignificant "issues" are nothing in comparison to the threat we still face & will face SOON! That's just my 2 cents..what do I know??? :)

I voted McCain on the poll, and I am leaning that way for November as well. I had more hope for our Country during the Primaries. I feel like all we are hearing about this election is race and gender. I am happy that we have come this far as a nation, but seriously couldn't we get better candidates, regardless of race or gender. Also I think we need to hear more about the two men running and there platform and less about Pallin’s wardrobe.

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I don't really like either, but when it comes down to my job and the War in Iraq, my vote is for Obama!  No Child Left Behind (NCLB) is seriously flawed and needs to be scrapped asap!  Even though our building has made Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) and is is good standing, the performance of a teacher and a school revolving around one test on one day is crazy.  Even the best athletes in the world have an off day and don't win the gold!  And the mess in Iraq, well that's just a mess!

I agree that NCLB has several flaws, but it isn't all about testing and it has made some great changes in our schools. I am a teacher and I get to see it first hand. Most of the staff that was hired at my school (non credentialed but still working directly with children) only had to have a high school diploma, and they didn't even hae to prove that they understood the subject matter they were helping teach. A vast majority of the staff that was grandfathered in (worked for the districts before NCLB) have no place working in the classroom.


"Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana."

I'm definately voting McCain....

My dad likes to email me with republican propoganda from some website. I find it very funny. I'm voting for Oboma. I actually was happy that McCain was running for president. He's not ad for a republican. Sarah Palin, however has no business at this level in our government. Maybe in a decade or two after she get's some experience. No politician is perfect. They are mostly liars and cheaters. But that's our system and it's still better than living in China.

One of my doctors atteneded a confernce with some politicians regarding healthcare. Supposedly if Obama gets elected we'll have socialized health care in four years. If not then in 20 years. Either way it's coming. 

I don't want to die without any scars. 


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