Why Are Apps Not Updating on My Android?

There are likely many Grown Up Geek readers that are Android users that happen have smart phones that do not have the latest operating system. This should come as no surprise that a lot of Android phones have older operating systems that are not the Jelly Bean OS. There is nothing wrong with this but the Google Play Store is making it very difficult to update some of the more useful apps. I noticed this a few months ago with my Samsung Galaxy SII and I've heard stories from friends lately.

Android Operating Systems - Who Really Knows Them?

AndroidIt seems that every single month there is a new Android operating system update. I feel as if I am quite geeky and know many of the updates but I'm quite certain that the majority of Android users do not. In fact, the only reason I am up to date with my smartphone is because it is one of the only pure Google phones. This means that I can push to update and not have to plug it into the computer to get the latest operating system. The only phones they do this at the moment are pure Google Nexus phones. In the near future it will be the case that Motorola phones do this as Google purchased Motorola Mobility last year.

One of the main problems with so many operating systems is the fact that some apps do not run on older operating systems. Some people may have heard of the Snapseed app. This is an app that is very similar to Instagram and some feel as if it is better. Unfortunately, there are some Android users that will not have the ability to download this picture taking app. Some of the most basic functions on the phone are taking pictures but many people want to add filters with apps like Instagram or Snapseed.

Snapseed is an app that will allow you to add filters and then you can share it to any social network like Google+, Twitter or Facebook. After using Snapseed I will admit that it is significantly better than Instagram. That said, it is also very difficult to understand which happens to be the case some of the Google and Android products. Once you learn how to use Snapseed you will be surprised at all of the different filters and functions that are available. You can actually change the picture completely.

If you are not running one of the newer Android operating systems you cannot use Snapseed. I contacted a few Google representatives to see if there were any opportunities to use this particular app on older phone and they said it is just not possible. This means that if you bought your smart phone prior to July of 2012 and you have not updated the operating system you can not use this app. This is absolutely terrible!

Note Taking App Cannot Be Used on Old Android Phones

It is almost understandable that a high quality picture rendering app is only available on the most up-to-date operating systems. Something that is not understandable is a notetaking app that is simply putting letters on your phone is not available with some of the older operating systems. I was having dinner with a very good friend the other night and he mentioned that Google Keep, the newest notetaking app, is not available for download on his smartphone. He has a Motorola Android phone that he purchased just over two years ago. He has had one update on this phone but the operating system is not new enough to download a notetaking app.

Android Notetaking appThere is not much positive that can be said about this. A notetaking app should be used across every single operating system no matter how old. This is the most basic app you can have. With an Apple iPhone you have a preinstalled notes app and it will work no matter what operating system you are using. I would imagine Google is trying to get all of their users to upgrade their operating system but some cannot do this as they are restricted by the AT&T or Verizon network.

If I were a user that did not have the latest Android operating system and I could not download these new apps I would be very frustrated. Unfortunately, there is very little you can do at this time as the Android system is forcing users to update each and every time. If you do not have a pure Google phone you are going to find it very difficult to updat. In fact, when I had my Samsung Galaxy SII I had no idea how to update the phone and I would consider myself somewhat tech savvy.

I'm not sure what this says about users who simply want a phone to make telephone calls and basic functions. I recognize some people don't want the latest apps but it helps a user if they can download a notetaking app. Another issue is the fact that the Google Play Store just updated and is now completely different. Any user that is new to the Android system may find this a little bit difficult.

Is Android Too Difficult?

Rand Wilson and I have had many debates as to whether Android is just too difficult for the basic user. If I handed my mother my Android phone there is no way that she would be able to understand how to use all the functions. In fact, I struggle with some of the functions myself. I have had a few articles on Grown Up Geek explaining that the camera can take very blurry or distorted pictures. A basic user does not want a camera that is difficult to understand.

Unless Google makes it easy for every single user they are to continue to struggle to sell some of these more advanced Android phones. It is important to note that anyone who is extremely techy or geeky loves these type of phones but that is a very limited audience. This audience includes someone who is willing to take hours upon hours to understand what operating system is available. The majority of smartphone users don't even know what Android operating system their running.


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