Why did my ISP and IP change suddenly?

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Why did my ISP and IP change suddenly?

First, I want to apologize if I'm not posting this in the correct Forum. I got a sign that tells you your ISP and IP information from danasoft yesterday, for my myspace. Suddenly my IPS and IP changed. Now it says my ISP is Google and my IP is different now. I went to other sites tracking my ISP and IP and it gives the same info. It says I'm in Mountain View CA. (That's across the country from me) It never changed before, so why now? I went on yahoo answers and one person said that a possibility is my browser was hijacked. Please help me understand this, thanks in advance!


Re: Why did my ISP and IP change suddenly?

           hey elles, the reason that this is happening, i can't tell you, i've never heard of that happening, but there are many more people on this site, that know much, much more than i do, so you'll probably hear from someone on that. As far as u being across the country from what they're showing you, i do know that some providers go by headquarters location. for example, frequently aol will show my location as washington, d.c., while that is not where i am. hope this helps some  juliek

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Re: Why did my ISP and IP change suddenly?

Your ISP shouldn't change without your knowledge and consent, and it definitely shouldn't be google.

Instead of relying on the danasoft banner, try going to:


And see what it says there.  

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