Why does my IP address change?

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Why does my IP address change?

When I tried to check my IP address from different websites like http://www.whatismyip.com/ , http://www.tracemyip.org/ and http://ip-address.domaintools.com/, I got different IPs. My IPs are shown as xxx.xx.64.76, xxx.xx.64.73 and xxx.xx.64.75 respectively. Why are they different? Can anybody tell me why?



Re: Why is my IP address different?

It's possible you are going through a large proxy (ISP's like AOL and some countries do this) - does each of the different IP checking websites always show the same IP, or if you hit refresh several times on one of them, does it change?

Re: Why does my IP address change?
If your IP address keeps changing,it is dynamic IP.If your IP address is dynamic,it will change whenever you reset the modem..When it changes,it shows different IP addresses.So better try to change it as Static.You can your Internet Service Provider(ISP) for getting static IP.Static IP will not change even when you reset the modem. Before or changing your IP address, you can check it using ip-details.com .

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