Why Facebook Really Sucks - A Historical Perspective

Anyone who read my Facebook Home post last night can sense that I dislike Facebook just a little bit. Okay. I'll be completely honest. I absolutely hate Facebook. There are many reasons I hate Facebook and today I will give you a little bit of a historical perspective. There is a very good chance that I will turn this into a series as I tend to get more interaction when I bring out emotion towards that shitty social network.

Mark Zuckerburg and the Internet

Mark Zuckerburg is just a few years younger than me so he grew up during the same time with the expansion of the Internet. I can clearly remember getting my first computer, an IBM Aptiva, when I was 15 years old. I also remember having to dial out and only getting 20 hours of Internet service per month. Can you imagine only having the opportunity to be on the Internet for 20 hours a month? You may be able to do it by signing off and on would not be something that was a challenge these days.

When I first got my computer I was in the puberty stage and I would do almost anything to impress females. I'll never forget going on messenger services like AIM or ICQ and trying to find females to talk to. Yes, I was a little bit nerdy. That being said, I was also an athlete in high school so I did get out and about. I had a very wide variety of friends. In fact, I was all-state in track and I played four different sports. There was not a single semester of my high school career in which I was not playing a sport.

My high school life revolved around waking up at 5:00 AM to go work out, going to school, going to sports practice after school, going to work out after the sports practice, and then coming home and surfing the Internet for about an hour at night. I will be the first to admit that while I was surfing the Internet I was actively seeking females in my age range. With Mark Zuckerburg being the same age I would fully expect him to also live a similar life throughout his high school career. I highly doubt he was as athletic or involved as I was but he was also seeking females.

Being the same age as Mark Zuckerburg helps me realize the short-term history of the Internet. Every single college student that was enrolled between 1998 and 2005 knew that there would be a website in which college boys would seek out college girls. There were several smaller websites like hot or not and campus flirts that tried to do this. Anyone that thinks Facebook is a novel idea is a complete freaking idiot. There is not a single college student that did not recognize that there was plenty of room to take advantage of boys meeting girls without ever having to go out to them in public.Facebook SUCKS

Facebook Was Created to Get Laid

No one will ever prove to me that Facebook was not created with the intention of college boys getting laid. I clearly remember the first time I saw Facebook. I was a academic tutor for the football team at my university and one of the quarterbacks was showing the other players this new thing called the Facebook. As soon as I walked over and saw what it entailed I knew that it was going to be a game changer. The quarterback showed his teammates a profile of a very attractive college girl who had posted her phone number and address for other college students to see.

It does not take the cerebral assassin to realize that attractive girls can pull men online. It is even more powerful when these girls will post their phone number and/or address. The fact that the Facebook was only available to college students made these girls feel exclusive. They felt as if they were safe by posting their phone number. Now I am quite certain that this young woman took down her phone number after Facebook started to gain popularity but you can understand that college guys throughout the world were looking to take advantage of this.

This was back in 2005 when Facebook was only available to .edu accounts. I was on the Facebook well before the majority of people and I will fully admit that there were a plethora of females who were willing to talk to any guy that had interest. Unfortunately, this was building a relationship that was solely based on looks and superficial conversation. This is the biggest problem I have with Facebook. Everything that is done on Facebook is done at the superficial level.

People want to make things as easy as possible. This is not the way life and relationships work. If you are unable to pick up the freaking phone and call somebody they are not that meaningful in your life. If you have a problem talking on the phone to your love ones you may want to step back and look at the big picture. I don't care if Facebook is causing it, I don't care if Twitter is causing it, I don't care if your freaking divorces caused this. You have to build relationships through actually talking to people and spending time with them.

Facebook Sucks More Every Single Day

As we continue to move forward in the Facebook era it is blatantly obvious that relationships have gotten worse. I was talking to an 80-year-old woman today and she mentioned that she had never sent a text message and she had no desire to. She also said that she had a loving relationship with her husband for over 30 years before he died. She was adamant about the fact that there was no way she could ever love another human being the way she loved her husband. I would love to talk to some of the freaking idiots on Facebook who feel as if they need to talk to ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriends. I would be willing to bet they are not going to be a 30 year relationship with the one person that they love.

Come back tomorrow for the next edition of why Facebook sucks.


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