Another Reason I Hate Facebook - Who Can See Me?

I took a one day hiatus from my Facebook rants but the hatred has returned. The topic tonight is something that has really pissed me off for quite some time and I know it has pissed off other people as well. When signing up for Facebook you have no idea who can see your profile and what they can see. In fact, I've had people tell me that there are only certain posts that they could see in the past. I consider myself computer savvy but I have no idea which posts are going to which group of people.

Searching for Facebook in Google Search

I will be the first to admit that when I meet somebody I like to do a little bit of research on them. Usually, the first result that comes up in Google search for specific name is a Facebook profile or page. Unfortunately, the Facebook search is so terrible that most of the time that is either a fake account or an account of somebody that is not the exact person you are looking for. This has happened time and again and it is very frustrating when you want to verify someone's as a genuine person.

Interestingly, about a year ago there was a publication that posted an article saying that if you do not have a Facebook profile you cannot be trusted. Unfortunately, not everybody can find your Facebook profile because Facebook makes it so difficult. I will state that I am a very public person as I do not have anything to hide. In fact, everything I post on Google+ is 100% public. Very rarely do I ever post something that the world does not see.

I recognize that everyone is not like this nor are they an Internet marketer. That said, if I search for a specific name it should not be a song and a dance to scour Google search and Google image search just to verify them as a person. This makes me wonder if half of the profiles on Facebook are actually real. I would guess that many of the profiles that we do see are not real. This is another reason that I absolutely hate Facebook. There are so many people on there being fake that you have no idea who is real.

There is No Verification Step on Facebook

Facebook still sucksUnlike Google+ and Twitter there is no verification step on Facebook. Anyone can claim to be Rand Wilson and steal some of his pictures. Just the other day one of my college friends said that three people were using one of her best friends profile picture as their profile picture. This is absolutely absurd. I would imagine this is happening a lot more than we recognize. Hopefully it will stop with Google image search now making it easier to figure out if someone is stealing images.

On both Google+ and Twitter there is a checkmark beside accounts that are verified. If this is not enough to verify account you have an opportunity to do a live video chat through a Google+ hangout. This is obviously not available via Twitter but if you want to verify someone on Twitter you can ask them to hop in a Google+ hangout. I know there are Skype opportunities and other video opportunities through Facebook but it is not nearly as easy as using a Google+ hangout which is tied to YouTube.

I have no idea if Facebook will ever have a verification step and I highly doubt they will. One of the reasons that they continue to get investors is they claim enormous numbers as far as active users. It's 1.2 billion or 1.3 billion who knows 27 gazillion. It doesn't really matter how many people are on Facebook if the numbers are not accurate. I recognize that when you do sign up for Facebook and you have an account it is much easier to search for people but some of us do not want to have to go through this step. In fact, I try to log out of Google search every time even though I have a very active Google+ account.

I Know Who Can See My Google+ Stuff

As stated earlier, everything I do on Google+ is public. I absolutely know who can see me and who can see my stuff. Even if I didn't want to post publicly I would still know who is seeing the content that I am submitting. Google makes this very easy with circles. In fact, every single post that you create on Google+ you can click to see who can view this limited post. This is very effective for people who don't want their content to be seen by the world.

Once again, Facebook makes this very difficult. I know there are Facebook groups and other ways to privately message people but it is not as easy as other social networks. Twitter is all public and Google+ can be private or public but Facebook is just a complete dumpster fire. I will fully admit that I have no desire to go on Facebook because I don't know what content is going to be seen by the world. What I do know is that my content is not going to get crawled and indexed in Google search so it is basically worthless for me to post it on Facebook.

Moving forward it will be interesting to see how Facebook gets through this challenge. I've heard many people say that they wish the privacy issues were not so difficult with Facebook. Even though there are people complaining they will still use Facebook because all of their friends are there. If there is ever a large group of people that decide to leave Facebook it will be fun to see the reaction from some of their close friends. We have seen this before with other social networks but nothing has led to the mass exodus of Facebook. Maybe it will take a few more bad quarters and Facebook rolling out my videos as far as ads.


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