Why I Will Never Go Back to the iPhone

Dear Apple, you screwed me. When I bought my first iPhone, which was the iPhone 3GS, I assumed I would be getting a next-generation phone every two years with my AT&T upgrade. Unfortunately, you decided to change the release schedule and you ended up making my life miserable. I purchased my iPhone 3GS in September of 2009 knowing that in September of 2011 I would be able to get the next generation iPhone which I thought was going to be the iPhone 5. Well, that did not happen.

Apple and It's Stupid Releases

The new iPhoneBack in a time when Steve Jobs was still running Apple it was usually the case that a new iPhone came out in June or July of every single year. During the first two or three years every iPhone was almost completely different than the previous iPhone. That changed drastically after the iPhone 3GS came out. In all reality, there was not a huge difference in the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3GS. I purchased the iPhone 3GS in September of 2009 as this was the most recent update that was available for AT&T customers.

Some of us remember when AT&T was the only carrier that had the iPhone. I actually switched from Verizon to AT&T solely to get the iPhone. In the summer of 2010 the iPhone 4 came out but the only difference was it did not have the rounded edges and there was an upgrade in the software. I was not eligible for an upgrade anyway so I wasn't too concerned about the changes. Some of us may remember that one of these iPhone 4 models was actually left in a San Francisco bar. Gizmodo had a huge argument with Apple whether this was the real phone or not.

After the iPhone 4 came out I was extremely excited for the 2011 release because I assumed it was going to be a game changer. I waited and I waited and nothing happened. In fact, they came out with the iPhone 4s which was simply an iPhone 4 with Siri. I am not a person who talks to my phone very much so this did not attract me at all. If I wanted a next-generation phone I wanted something that was completely different than the iPhone 4 but it was not available.

Should I Pay $200 for a Smartphone I Don't Want?

At the time I was very frustrated as I had waited past a two-year contract just to get the newest iPhone. I decided not to get the iPhone 4S and I was going to wait even longer. There were many rumors that the iPhone 5 was going to be released in March or April of 2012 so I was willing to wait these extra months. Remember, I'm still carrying around an iPhone 3GS when the rest of the world has the iPhone 4s. I did not feel bad about this as I had the latest operating system on my iPhone 3GS. I just wanted something different.

As I continued to wait for the new Apple release nothing happened. At the time I was willing to wait until March or April to see what Apple was going to do. My contract was up and I could go purchase the newest Android phone at a low price. In all reality, I just wanted something unique but Apple had nothing different to offer. I went to my local AT&T store and asked them when the iPhone 5 would be released. Of course, the individuals working in the local AT&T store had no clue as to when it was going to be released.

I have been a very big fan of Google for quite some time as I use many different Google products. In fact, I've been thinking about creating a resource depicting every single Google product I use on a daily basis. The number is well over 10. With that being the case I thought it might be a good idea to get an Android phone so I could run Google services much easier. I went back to the AT&T store and asked them what the latest android phone could do. They showed me some of the opportunities and I was blown away.

Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket Purchase

I will be the first to admit that I am not a hardware guy when it comes to smartphones. I am more of a software guy. Even if the phone is not the most durable or rugged phone it does not bother me. I had never dropped my phone nor have I broken a phone. It can be made of complete plastic and I really would not care. With this in mind I ended up purchasing the Samsung Galaxy SII skyrocket that was only available through AT&T. I can't even remember the operating system that was running on it but it was much different than what Apple runs with their smartphones.

I decided to keep my iPhone 3GS simply for an iPod and a resource. I wanted it just in case there were issues with my Android smartphone. I've only had to use the iPhone 3GS once since but I am glad I kept it because I like to see the updates through iOS. All of that being said I am still very mad at Apple for not updating at the same pace they did when the iPhone first came out. I ended up getting screwed because I purchased my iPhone during the wrong month of the year.

I'm certain there are many other people out there just like me who are in the wrong month when it comes to upgrading their iPhone. If the iPhone 5S comes out in July of this year they may have to wait three or four months to get it. They may also find that the iPhone 5S offers nothing new so they have to wait another entire year before a new Apple product will come out. This is one of the biggest problems I see with the company no longer run by Steve Jobs.


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