Why Is My Android Trade in Price So Low?

Today one of my friends explained that his wife purchased an iPhone 5 for under $100. He mentioned that she got it for $96 on the Sprint network; I was completely shocked. There is nowhere that you can purchase an iPhone 5 for this little so I asked him to explain the situation. His wife said that she had an iPhone 4S fans and HTC Evo to trade in to help get this low price on a Sprint two year contract iPhone 5. It is important to remember that only individuals signing a two-year contract and get prices anywhere near this low.

HTC Evo Trade In Almost Worthless

I often ask the question "why is my Android trade in price so very low?" As I have stated many times, I have recently gone from the iPhone to Android but it seems to be the case that Android phones are not worth as much when trading them in. I know some of them are not made with the highest quality products but they are similar, in many ways, to the iPhone. It seems that the iPhone is worth about three or four times as much when it comes to trading in a smart phone at AT&T or Sprint.

Android RedMy friend's wife said that her iPhone 4s was worth $80 while the HTC Evo was only worth $15. This is absolutely crazy. I know the HTC Evo is not the newest Android product but is it really worth this little? I have been offered $50 for a Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket but this still seems a little bit low as well. I am wondering what a Google LG Nexus 4 would be worth if I traded it in today. It is important to note that the Nexus 4 is a no contract phone so it might be worth a little bit more for that reason.

If the HTC Evo is only worth $15 I can only imagine what some of the first Motorola Droid phones are worth. They are probably worth about $.25. I have not tried to sell my iPhone 3GS but I have heard that some people have been able to sell these smart phones for up to $50 on cCaigslist. It is hard to believe that a phone I bought only four years ago is still worth $50 while the phone someone bought just last year is only worth $15. This explains that the supply and demand is completely imbalanced when it comes to Androids and iPhones.

Should I Trade in an Android Phone?

After hearing this story I wonder if it is even worth it to trade in an Android phone. I use my old Android to take videos so I have no desire to trade it in the near future. That said, it would never hurt if someone offered me $100 or a little bit more for this phone. I highly doubt that will be the case and it may be because there are so many Android phones on the market. I often think about why Android does not gain in popularity and the fact may be that there are just too many options for people.

When going to buy an iPhone there were really only a couple of options. You can get the newest model, the second newest model or the third model that is often free. These are the only possible models that are available each and every time you go to the Apple store or any carrier that offers iPhones. This makes it much easier for individuals to pick out exactly what they want. When looking at all the Android models there are probably 50 that can be purchased at any given time. When you give people too many options they are not going to make the purchase.

This has been something that has been argued many times over the past several years. If individuals are given just one option or 20 options it greatly changes how they make a purchase. If given 20 options many people will simply walk away as they do not know exactly what they want. If they are just given one or two options they end up making a purchase because it is not something they have to think about.

I'm not certain how many Grown Up Geek readers have an Android phone that they would like to trade him but I would like to hear some stories. It amazes me how little some of these phones are worth. That said, I can't even imagine how many different options most retailers have to deal with when it comes to these types of phones. If you plan on trading in an Android phone in the very near future it may be best to do research online to see if you can get any more money out of it on a website like Craigslist or eBay.

All of that said, it is very unlikely that you are going to get nearly the amount of money that you paid for this particular smartphone. I paid $200 for the Samsung Galaxy SII about 14 months ago and I can only get $50 out of it now. I would imagine if I bought an iPhone 5 at the same time I would still get at least $100 or more out of this particular phone. The resale value on Apple iPhone is significantly higher than an Android helping to solidify the argument that the iPhone is much more popular at the present time.

How Much is the iPhone Really Worth?

I would make the argument that the iPhone is not worth that much more than the Android but the masses have spoken. If a majority of people are willing to spend over $100 for older model iPhone it is quite obvious that they are a better product. That said, it could be true that Android catches up with the iPhone in the next few years when they start to build exclusive Google phones. Some of the bloatware on the non-Google phones makes them very difficult to understand. I will admit that they should not be worth as much. This is something to think about if you plan on making a new smartphone purchase in 2013.



I think the variety of brands available in market and the competition has been the main reason for this.

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