Why is she so upset with me? She said i didn't lead her on so what's the problem? **10 points**?

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Why is she so upset with me? She said i didn't lead her on so what's the problem? **10 points**?

I've been friends with this girl ever since i was little she's always been a lesbian. She's 31 and I'm 23. She moved away for awhile but then she came back. By that time i had moved out of the neighborhood. I found her on facebook i called her and we talked on the phone she called me a few times too. On facebook i would posted a status saying "like or comment my status asking me who i was talking about. I finally told her it was all about her i also told her i thought she was cute. She said Really? and thank you. I texted her a lot once she told me she couldn't do for herself and that she needed a pair of shorts she wanted me to buy them for her birthday i didn't though. I went to visit her and i asked her if she wanted to be my friend she said yes and that i needed to stop texting her so much we were both happy to see each other we hugged each other twice. I cut back on texting her so much. We argued on facebook she then told me she was trying to get her life together and that she wasn't interested in having a girlfriend.

I told her we weren't friends and that it was all in my head and then she said "Wow i thought we were friends I'm a little hurt" After wards I told her that i never wanted to be her girlfriend and that i had a boyfriend that i have been with for awhile. She then said this "U r funnie...but i understand that your feeling r hurt and i'm sorry for that.....u went out into the deep end telling me about your boyfriend of 5yrs but u NEVER and u mean NEVER want'd to be my girlfriend, right...HA...u need to stop it. And i hope everything works out wit u and your boyfriend. Happiness is everything...good luck“.I made a few status comments about my boyfriend i said that i was making him a certain food that i know she likes and that's when she blocked me. she told me she blocked me because I'm retart and the way i call and text her is like i want to be more then friends and that she feel like she always have to explain herself. I told her i was sorry for leading her on she yelled saying she never took what i said seriously. I asked her was she mad that i had a boyfriend she yelled and said no she didn't care. Then she said something about i want to be friends wit her but oops i forgot you have a boyfriend of 5 years. She told me it was unfixable. She told me not to call or text her anymore and that I was starting to annoy her we haven't talked sense August.

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So now one of her lesbian friends on facebook sent me a message asking me to be friends and get to know her or be friends with benefits. Should i tell the other girl that one of her friends sent me a message trying to hit on me? Would this make things worse?


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