Why I want an Apple IPod

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Why I want an Apple IPod

So, I'm in this contest to win a free IPod and I have been asked to write a page on why I want it. The page with the most "likes" wins bonus points! First place gets 50 points, second place gets 20 points so please hit "like" on this page so I can some extra points towards winning an IPOD!! Thanks! -Mary-

I would love to win a free ipod because I love listening to music when I work out. Currently I have been using a OLD (were talking the first that Apple ever came out with) ipod shuffle that my daughter recieved as a gift from her cousin for Christmas one year. So, yes I have music I can listen too but it's all her teenie bop music on there... we do NOT have the same taste in music! It would be nice to have my own and besides, I just think this contest if FUN! Thanks for voting for me!!! Remember to hit "like"




Re: Why I want an Apple IPod
Thank you everyone for "liking" this page!!! Please feel free to pass this on so more people with LIKE it also : ) thank you. thank you. thank you!!
Re: Why I want an Apple IPod

Good luck, Mary!


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