Will the Samsung Smartwatch Actually Sell?

Just the other day I wrote an article debating if Google or Apple would be the company that releases the first smartphone. In a complete twist of events it looks as if Samsung is going to be the first to market. This Samsung smartwatch is based on the Google Android operating system but it is not the pure Google Nexus smartwatch that many people have been waiting for. Samsung and Google have a very interesting relationship right now in that Samsung products have a few extra apps and what some people would call bloatware. What this means is when you buy a Samsung smartphone, tablet or smartwatch you are going to get apps preinstalled that aren't 100% necessary. It is often the case that these apps are related to the carrier. When I purchased a Samsung Galaxy SII it had about four or five AT&T based apps that I never used. Getting those apps off the smartphone is something that is not difficult but many users are not going to do it because it is a brand new device and they do no want to mess it up. The fact that the Samsung smartwatch will likely have extra apps and bloatware makes me wonder just how popular it will be in comparison to the Apple or pure Google smartwatches that are sure to come out over the next few months.

Samsung Marketing Money

When it comes to marketing smartphones, tablets and watches it is hard to argue that Samsung isn't a huge player when it comes to advertising dollars. This company has TV commercials, online ad space and billboards all over the world. Whenever Samsung decides to launch a major product you can be rest assured you will see plenty of marketing. In fact, I have argued that Samsung does a much better job of marketing their products than Google. Most people that are outside the Google ecosystem have no idea what the Nexus 4 or Nexus 5 is. Whenever I mentioned that I have a pure Google phone to my friends they are completely clueless. If I said I had a Samssung Galaxy S4 or an iPhone they would immediately know what I was talking about. This means that we will see commercials and ads for the new smartwatch. How they display these ads may very well determine the success of the product. If they are going to poke fun at Apple or Microsoft they may alienate some users that would have normally considered the product. Over the last six months we have seen way too many ads making fun of other companies. It started out as Apple poking fun at Microsoft years ago. Now we are seeing it the other way around. Both Microsoft and Samsung have created TV commercials that make fun of the little things that irk iPhone or iPad users. They are very small things that most people would not think about until they have had that particular problem with their iPad, iPod or iPhone. Whether or not this type or marketing ploy is working has yet to be determined.Samsung Smartwatch

Samsung started making fun of Apple in the TV ad spot that poked fun at people standing in line for an iPhone or iPad. Most people can remember the commercial where the two individuals asked why someone was waiting in line for a phone that could not do x, y and z. This was an effective marketing campaign as it finally showed the world what Android had to offer. Note that I said nothing about Google when it came to the marketing of this product. Google has an interesting approach in that they will allow the suppliers to do the marketing but they do very little to explain the use for an Android product. Those who have had an Android product in the last six months can vouch that the operating system is very well done. If an individuals purchased an Android product prior to April 2012 they might not have the same experience. One major issue with Android products is there are not Google Android stores that can help people better understand how to use the product. If I have a problem with an iPhone I can take it to a local Apple store and get all my questions answered immediately. From personal experience, I can tell you that is not the case when it comes to a Nexus 4. In fact, I have taken my Nexus 4 to the AT&T store and the employees have absolutely no idea what is going on. It is almost like a foreign object to them.

For this reason, it makes me wonder just how well the Samsung smartwatch will sell. It is safe to assume that Best Buy and other electronics stores are going to be the companies that are selling this particular product. Potential customers will also be able to purchase online but most will want to try the watch on to see what it looks like. Anyone that has shopped at Best Buy in the last half decade knows that the customer service is lackluster. This is a brand new product with a brand new operating system so it is not very likely that shoppers will be able to get expert advice. At least not for the first few weeks. Being first to market is good for some companies and bad for others. If the Samsung smartwach has any bugs or if there are issues with battery life it is going to be a disaster. I can clearly remember some of those early Droid phones. They were so hard to use that they turned some users away for good. I have a very good friend that says she will never buy another Android phone because she had an early Droid Motorola phone back in 2009 or 2010. She will now only buy an Apple product even though it is not necessarily what she wants.




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