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Keeping your Windows PC running smoothly and error-free can be a challenge!
Learn how you can keep your system tuned-up and running like new.

The Grown Up Geek's 'Golden Rule' to keep your computer from crashing


Think about it for a minute. If you never installed any software on your computer, it would run smooth forever. But, to use your PC you must install SOME software - so it's important to strike a balance between what you 'need' and what you think you 'want'.
Do you install every AOL CD that comes in the mail? Do you try every free screen-saver or cursor-package program that you come across? Every free game? Every music program? Well... DON'T !
A geek knows exactly what is already installed on his or her PC, un-installs software that is not necessary or no longer needed, and is very suspicious of installing anything new!

Before installing any new program ask yourself:

Do i really need this program? Where does this program come from? Is it safe? Is it Spyware?
If you can live without those free screensavers, or if you don't know for sure that whatever you are installing is safe, then DON'T INSTALL IT!

Click here for Viruses and spyware explained.

No Free Lunch:

With very few exceptions (like Firefox), nothing is free! If you are presented with any software that includes the word "FREE", turn and run!

If you do install software then decide you don't need it, or it didn't suit your needs, uninstall it! The more 'stuff' you have in your computer, the more things there are that can go wrong.

Windows Tune-Up Software:

There are several programs that you can use to optimize, clean and 'Tune-Up' your Windows PC. You'll see many of these programs listed on our website - but remember, if it's free, beware!

Links and more info:

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What to do if your WindowsXP has already crashed? THAT is my question. :-)

That's when you go into our computer help forums area for more help Laughing


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What are some of these windows 'tuning' up programmes? :-?

those tuning programs usually cause more problems than they solve.

I've dealt with my PC pooping out on me so many times that I'm afraid to download anything. I want to download a good regcure program, but I am even weary about that! My PC is running so crappy lately and I'm not sure why.

a registry "cure"/fix program will almost never make your PC crash less OR make it faster. I would start by running a good, up-to-date antivirus, then a good anti-spyware program such as SpyBot, AdAware, or MalwareBytes. 96% of PC woes are caused by malware..

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