Windows Vista Can't Detect CD/DVD

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Grace Wen
Windows Vista Can't Detect CD/DVD

I'm running Windows Vista on a 2008 Compaq, and it can't detect the DVD or CD when I put it in the drive.  How do I fix this?



Re: Windows Vista Can't Detect CD/DVD

There is no one, simple fix as this could be caused by any one of a bazillion things. Do the obvious and make sure the drive is getting power and the connections arent loose (that could be difficult if it is a laptop).. Then look in your event-viewer to see if there are any errors logged regarding the drive - if there are, what you do next depends on the errors. You can also look in the device-manager to see if it's even showing up there and what, if any errors it shows.
It is entirely possible that the drive has just died - luckily new CD/DVD drives are cheap and easy to install.

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