Windows Vista problem, can't install printer

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Cobra II
Windows Vista problem, can't install printer

I just built a system last week & am trying to to learn the new windows vista. I bought a printer last year for my last computer which had XP. I'm having trouble trying to install it. I have been working long hours so I haven't been able to sit down & brainstorm the problem. Unlike XP, it tries to install the hardware using drivers stored in the driver folder instead of off the disk, which in turn is making the printer inoperable. It will not let me manually install the drivers. I have searched in every setting to turn this off, but have been unsuccessful. If anyone knows a solution on how to fix this, please let me know.


PS: So far I think vista sucks.



Re: Windows Vista problem, can't install printer

But it's got lot's of eye candy!!!

I just built a system for a friend and installed Vista... just so I could play around with it and see what it was all about!  I found that if I had problems installing a program/drivers, turning off the UAC worked every time.  Maybe try that.  Did you try the printer website for updated drivers to download directly?  Besides for having to search for some updated drivers, I was able to load every program I tried on Vista, except XCopy Platinum.

BTW Cobra, glad you got your RAM issue figured out.  (If it's not one thing going wrong, it's another!)   

Re: Windows Vista problem, can't install printer

Yup, had this issue as well.

Very fancy interface - goes out and finds the printer in a different LAN - very slick...until it wants to install the wrong driver. Too much.

CM 's post covered what I did, but you may want to to see if there a generic driver for your printer in Windows, which is another way I got a different  printer to work on Vista.

You would think that you could copy the driver directly to


But I'm not sure if that would work - never tried it. 

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Cobra II
Re: Windows Vista problem, can't install printer

 I managed to find an updated driver & installed it into the driver folder manually.  Unfortunately, The new driver that allows the photo printer to work with vista, only lets it print at 600dpi max, not 1400+dpi.  HP actually mentioned this on the download page.  I guess the printer is too old (1 year) for them to make a better driver.  So no more pics until I can afford another photo printer.  But it will print documents though.




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