windows xp files to erase for more memory

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windows xp files to erase for more memory
What files can I erase to have more RAM? How can I have more memory without buying memory?



Re: windows xp files to erase for more memory

Files reside on your hard disk drive - a typical hardrive these days would have around 100 GIGabytes
RAM is in the chips plugged into your computer - a typical computer these days would have 2 to 8 Gigabytes

There is no relation between files on your hard drive and RAM installed on your computer. The only way to increase your RAM is to buy more.

There are programs you can buy that CLAIM to increase your RAM/MEMORY, but dont waste your money - many times they do more harm that good.

Is there a specific issue or problem you are trying to resolve? maybe we can help!

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Re: windows xp files to erase for more memory
How do you know you need more memory? Hubby's right - if you are actually low on RAM and that is the problem, you can't really do much that's going to give you a big improvement that will replace adding RAM.  What is your processor (CPU) and current RAM amount?  You can get this info by right-clicking My Computer and selecting Properties. Is the issue that your computer is running slow?  If your computer once ran OK but no longer does, it's probably software related. XP systems can get by on 512MB RAM as long as the resource-hogging background programs are trimmed down.  If you have multiple security programs installed, your system will drag.  A bad choice in anti-virus software will slow your system down considerably so only one carefully-selected anti-virus/security product is necessary.

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