Winter Weather?

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Winter Weather?

Up until today, the weather in California has been slow to change. Just this past week, days topped 80 and even climbed to 86 at one point. Today I woke up to the welcome sound of rain pouring down. Bad news was I left the windows on my car cracked open, so I had the pleasure of running out through the pouring rain at 5:45am.

The closer it gets to Thanksgiving, the more I expect the weather to cool down and deliver some blustery winter temperatures and this year it is just taking too long. How are things in your neck of the woods? Is winter well on its way, or is it holding back? Some people say the longer the winter weather takes to arrive, the more harsh it will be when it finally gets here. It could make for a very interesting early-2011 if that's the case!


Re: Winter Weather?

about 2 weeks ago it was 112F here, then two days later it was cold and raining.. then, 3 days later it was in the 80-90s, and for the last week or so it's been 'nice' in the mid 80's .. until today where it was cold and cloudy and they've been saying more rain is on the way, then, 85F again by friday...

all this global warming BS is messin with mah body !

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Re: Winter Weather?

 It's freaking winter here. I have heard two reports of snowflakes from friends in the last week. The low has been in the 30's several times with average highs in the 50's. The beauty of Kentucky is that it will be in the low 70's the next few days. We always get a few days each winter of super warm weather. I've worn shorts on Christmas eve before. 

Re: Winter Weather?

Oh we are having ery hot and dry days and very cold and wet days lately but up to late autum we had cold and Muggy, Very cold and Muggy, warm and Muggy, Hot and Muggy and Verry hot and Muggy with no to lots of rain

It's called "Seasonal Weather" with either El-Nino, La Nina, or La Nada Amplication (depending  which Climate Zone and near which Ocean and Current flow you are

Yeah  hightend heat distribution and rapid heat  release can cause more intense storms...and if you notice a lot of them happened right during the Eclipse which caused plate shifting  thus the rapiud release of heat from the Ocean floor thus the Storms

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Re: Winter Weather?
I hope Dennis Quaid will do a better job of saving us this time.

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