Wireless Network Problem With FireWall

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Wireless Network Problem With FireWall

I have a home wireless network set up between my desktop and laptop computers. It was set up 2-3 years ago and I seldom use it. Today I tried to use it and it was not working. I could not see/reach a folder that I have on my laptop from my desktop. But I know and can see it is a shared folder. I also could not print anything from my laptop using the remote printer physically connected to my desktop with a cable.

After trying many things and going through Windows help documents, I suddenly remembered when the network was set up, the Tech Help person asked me to turn off my personal firewall in both machines. I tried that, and everything worked fine. I could open my folder in the laptop from my desktop and could print from my laptop using the printer connected to the desktop.

But the problem is as soon as I turn off my firewall, Norton Internet Security warns me that my computer is in DANGER and I know that. Just to find out if my previously established home wireless network still works, I turned the firewall off in both computers for a few minutes, then put them back on for safety. My question is: How can I configure my firewalls so that wireless networking is possible between my two computers WITHOUT too much of undue RISK. Can somebody walk me through the steps?

Both my computers run Windows XP with Service Pack 2 and Norton Internet Secuity 2007. In both my computers, Windows firewall has been disabled so that it does not clash with Norton Internet Security.

Any help from any knowledgeable person will be highly appreciated. I want to be able to use the wireless home network WITHOUT TOO MUCH OF RISK.

Shoban Sen



Re: Wireless Network Problem With FireWall

If you have a router on your internet connection and if your wireless network is protected with a WEP/WPA password, you really arent in much "danger", if any at all.

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