Wireless Internet Problem; AT&T 2Wire

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Re: Wireless Internet Problem; AT&T 2Wire
I am helping my neighbor with his new HP-g7. I can connect to the 2Wire at least it says it is, lots of bars, but the box that shows the connections says no internet connection. I can access my Comcast wirekess from next door just fine. I called AT&T they want $150 to diagnose. After much time on the phone. AT&T customer service seems to live up to all the bad things that I have heard.
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Re: Wireless Internet Problem; AT&T 2Wire

$150 to diagnose a modem/router?  I've never had anyone at ATT even
suggest to charge for trouble-shooting ATT-supplied equipment.  Musta got
someone wanting to take a break.  This is a standalone combination
modem/router and not two devices (black modem & white router) piggybacked,
right?  Has it ever worked correctly?

You can do sort of a non-tech user-diagnosis yourself and save time if you call ATT back.

  1. Unplug the telephone wires on all telephone devices in the house except
    the modem/router.  This means wired phones and satellite receivers. 
    As you do this, check that there are DSL filters correctly installed between
    these devices and the wall.  Your modem/router should be plugged in and
    also have a DSL filter.  During this trouble-shooting keep all the other
    devices disconnected.  Power down any cordless house phones.  Not
    your wireless that you carry with you, but the ones in the house with bases
    that are connected to the wall.  Pull the power plug on these.
  2. Now pull the power plug on the router, wait 15 seconds, reconnect.
  3. Wait for the lights to come on.  All should be green, one or two may
    blink occassionally.
  4. Connect a computer using Ethernet cable - can you get on the Internet? 
    If not, call ATT and ask for a REAL support person.
  5. If Ethernet works, try to connect again wirelessly.
  6. If the original laptop is still having problems getting past the router,
    try another device (another laptop, smartphone)
  7. If more devices cannot get through to the Internet, there is a problem
    with the router physically or its configuration.  Regardless, call ATT. 
    They are responsible for their equipment and at the minimum offer
    trouble-shooting over the phone to determine defective equipment or improper
  8. If the problem seems to be isolated to one device (laptop), then ATT would
    be no help.  There are things you can do to troubleshoot a wireless
    device if need be but worry about the router right now.  If it's
    diagnosed defective, ATT should replace it.
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Re: Wireless Internet Problem; AT&T 2Wire

$150 to diagnose a modem/router? I've never had anyone at ATT even suggest to charge for trouble-shooting ATT-supplied equipment. Musta got someone wanting to take a break. This is a standalone combination modem/router and not two devices (black modem & white router) piggybacked, right? Has it ever worked correctly?

How long you been working for ATT again??? If ATT sends a Tech to your home to check ANYTHING that is inside your home it is a $100 fee, PERIOD!!! I have been experiencing these same issues and some that the Techs said was their equipment at the Main Box's problem since I signed up!!! Every time I call after all the "Text Book" tech help like resetting modem, unplug it from PC, unplug it from wall jack " Do you have phone filters installed?" " I only have the DSL service" I am offered a Tech to come in my home for $100. It's a scam!!! I had a friendly tech check the lines in my home and he said that everything on my end was as it should be, the problem was with their equipment at the road. It went down for 2 days and after repairing it I was still down another 2 days before getting a new modem sent to me. It took a dump the first day!!! Still using my old 2wire.

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Re: Wireless Internet Problem; AT&T 2Wire
ive had att for two years now and they have not once charged me to come out they even replaced the last 2wire router i had that quit on me for free theyve even came out on a sat afternoon after i called that morning.....so i dont know what or who youve been dealin with but ive had problems like two or three time and its never cost me a dime to have att fix the prob and on the occasion when they came out on sat they also knocked 50 bucks of my bill because the problem had lasted over 24 hours before i called and problem was in the line......
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Re: Wireless Internet Problem; AT&T 2Wire
I can access the 2wire, by wireless and it says everything is ok the best I can tell (gateway.2wire thing). But Windows says the connection to the 2wire is good, but the connection from the 2wire to the internet is not established. It seem that some little thing is missing. I have checked the connection, rebooted.
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Re: Wireless Internet Problem; AT&T 2Wire

I have a 2 wire modem for 6 weeks since my westell got fried in a recent set of storms. I have been on the phone with Att numerous times and YES they charge you money to diagnose your problem. they have what you call a geek squad that comes to your house to tell you basically your 2 wire is crap and you need to basically spend money to buy a new one.

My 2 wire resets itself every 10 mins and i get a page that says it loses connection. my computers are wireless. and it says that i have to figure out what is going on. first last i talked to said there was a issue in the house. i threw out all my phones. next lady said same thing.. i said you know.. there is a problem.. how bout you come here and do you darn job! check my house for damage and stop being lazy!! they came for 20 mins the guy had a cig.. and left. the next guy who came next day was here for 4 hours. and found all sorts of issues broken jacks broken cables broken lines.. lazy people. i finally had enough when the lady yesterday after i talked to them. she told me to stick to taask.. i told her.. excuse me.. i pay your salary.. keep your mouth shut!> your there to say yes maam sorry maam for poor service.. 6 weeks is a long time now to deal with crap. and for you to tell me to stick to task? ha........ and add more to my phone bill? i dont think so. so beware..

and yes 2 wire is junk. it does reset. we researched it. and now have experienced it.. and after not 1 but going on the 3 one.. which we will have no luck with.. im going to buy a new modem.. cause im not going to pay for a service i cant operatewith.no way.

Re: Wireless Internet Problem; AT&T 2Wire
Our company has been using a ATT wireless router. Our internet will go in and out every 5 minutes. It will load a page just fine sometimes, then 1 minute later will say "unable to connect to internet" or "cannot accept site's certificate". It's driving me to an early grave. Everything will be fine and dandy, then it goes blank- saying we don't have an internet connection when the router shows we do. I called ATT and they figured it had to be the wireless router itself, so I replaced it with a new one. The problem still exsists. I'm going to go insane. Help, someone please. Could it be the ATT wireless routers? The computer itself (its a brand new Gateway)?
Re: Wireless Internet Problem; AT&T 2Wire

It could be the AT&T router, it could be the computer or, it could be the internet service/connection.

To troubleshoot, connect a computer directly to the internet connection - if you still lose the internet, it's the service - call AT&T and make them fix it and provide the service you pay for.

If you can connect fine when plugged directly into the internet, then connect the AT&T router back in then connect a computer via wire into the router - if you have spotty connections, it's the AT&T box - call them and tell them to give you one that works

If you can connect to the internet fine with wired-in to the AT&T box, then try wirelessly. First, very close, then get further away. It might be a case of losing wireless connectivity. The easy fix for wireless issues is to move the box closer to the computers - but there are also many more things (changing channels and other settings) that might help.

Basically, just go through each point of failure to eliminate each one - whatever is left is the problem! It helps to have someone familiar with networking, wireless, routers, etc, help, but not 100% necessary.

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Re: Wireless Internet Problem; AT&T 2Wire
In addition to Hubby's suggestions, survey the area where the router is.  High electrical interference can cause problems with the wireless radio - there might be a conduit with several power cables behind the within inches of the router.  Wireless problems can also happen if the router placed near 2.4 or 5.8 GHz cordless phone base stations. So try moving the router 20-30' away from where it currently is.  If it is connected to a modem by Ethernet cable, you can keep the modem where it is and use a longer Ethernet cable between the router and modem.  If it is a combination modem/router, use a longer phone cord to allow moving the unit away from where it is. I'm assuming this is happening with all laptops/wireless devices that connect wirelessly to the router?  If other laptops connect fine and the Gateway is having the problem, it could be the computer.  Try using another laptop placed next to the Gateway (with both on and connected) to see if the problem exists on both computers.  If it's only the Gateway, I would look to see if both antenna wires are connected to the wireless card.  There's a small 2" door on the bottom to allow access. Another thing to try is to reinstall the wireless drivers which are available at the Gateway support page.  Proper identification of the make/model of the wireless card should be confirmed to be sure the correct driver is selected.
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Re: Wireless Internet Problem; AT&T 2Wire
I have had the same problem for 2 years with at&t. I have replaced the router because they said it was the problem, then they said it was my computer, I bought new computer, It still does the same thing, they have sent some guy out here to check the lines, Still after 2 yrs I have the same problem. ATT&T sucks but I have to have internet because I am in school online. I call them every month because it is no reason for all of this and ATT has cost me a lot of money.


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