Woman Killed By iPhone 5

Picture of a broken iPhoneYesterday some initial reports came out about a woman that was electrocuted while using her iPhone 5. Now that some time is passed we have a decent amount of confirmed information about what exactly happened. According to official reports, as well as Apple’s statement, a 23 year old Chinese woman was electrocuted when she answered a call on her iPhone 5 while it was charging.

This is a very tragic story indeed and Apple has vowed to do anything and everything they can to aid in the investigation. It is not common for something like this to happen but as with any tragedy, people are beginning to question whether or not it is safe to use their iPhones and other iOS devices. At this point Apple has not said anything about safety, although it is obviously not a huge risk because it is such an uncommon occurrence.

This is a major tragedy for everyone involved; we can only hope that Apple comes up with a resolution shortly. It is tragic that a woman lost her life in such a way, Apple will likely be held responsible if there is any potential cause that they already knew about.










..Because this could not possibly happen with any other brand of mobile phone.. Only iPhones..

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