Women: Top 20 Medical Breakthroughs

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Women: Top 20 Medical Breakthroughs

This is an excellent article to read if you are interested in keeping up on the latest medical technology for women.  I followed the story in order, which I usually just scan for facts then I'm done. When I hit number seven, I was thrilled!

7. Smarter sweets
More reasons to eat chocolate
We know that dark chocolate cocoa powder has up to three times the antioxidants found in green tea, plus twice the antioxidants in red wine; that’s good for your heart. And studies have shown that dark chocolate’s polyphenols affect serotonin levels in the brain; that’ll boost your mood. But this year dark chocolate has gained even more favor in medical circles. In one study, heart-transplant patients showed a decreased risk of clogged arteries two hours after consuming 40 grams of dark chocolate. In another, researchers from the University of Illinois found that subjects who ate a 22 gram CocoaVia dark chocolate bar daily for two months lowered their blood pressure and cholesterol levels. And investigation is underway to see if dark chocolate can be used to decrease PMS symptoms. Sweet news for us all.

Finally the medical industry is telling us to go eat dark chocolate and be happy about it! I though this day would never come. And, that they are currently investigating how chocolate can be used to decrease PMS? Are you kidding me? Sold!

Numbers 2, 8, 9, and 10 are also informative. Lot's of helpful must knows.




Re: Women: Top 20 Medical Breakthroughs


 Wow cool... I will be forwarding that webpage to the women in my life... thank you 2na


Re: Women: Top 20 Medical Breakthroughs

sweet!  literally.  i never need an excuse to eat chocolate but, chocolate for PMS?  fantastic.  i hope they find out that it does help.  and as long as no one tries to touch my chocolate while i'm pms'ing, it will be great! 


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