Worst News Ever! For Me

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Re: Worst News Ever! For Me

Lol.  Yeah.

So bad.  My mama's best friend's son was there for a few years.  It was such a nervous time for them all.  and one of my friend's wants to enlist in the hopes of being sent over there and helping our nation, in their words...I know it's selfish but I've tried to talk them out of it...


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Re: Worst News Ever! For Me

he should be fine.  the safest would coast guard, national guard, then airforce, then navy.  id say the marines get it pretty bad because they go in first, but for a short ammount of time, then the army because they stay in for years.

is he on a carrier or a smaller ship like a destroyer?

Re: Worst News Ever! For Me

Hang in there PJ, he is well trained, believe in his skills. I I know how hard this is for you. We're all here for you to vent.


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Re: Worst News Ever! For Me

I got the bad news today, my husband, my love, my other half is leaving this Monday instead of November! Ok, now I'm officially a basket case. :-(

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Re: Worst News Ever! For Me

OMG, I'm so sorry! I know how hard that can be. Spend as much time with him as possible this weekend. What are you doing on GuG??? Go spend time with your Hubby. And remember that we're here for you. God Bless you and your family during this time.

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Re: Worst News Ever! For Me

[quote=pinkjammies] He'll be gone for 7 months. [/quote]

pinkjammies - you can totally do this. in 5 months time, you'll be saying, "piece of cake." immerse yourself in something you like, perhaps a hobby. or fitness. spend lots of time here on GuG w/your new friends. we can get you through 7 months like it was just yesterday!

keep the faith. be strong. be seen....here.

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Re: Worst News Ever! For Me

gosh that must be really heavy for you, near unbearable.  im sry for you.


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